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3 Photo Editing Apps That Will Make You Look InstaGLAM


Wondering just how so many women (and men) can look that fabulous on your timeline? It’s not just great genes; lots of us get a little help! Here are the top three apps that will make you look Instagram perfect!

It does what it says in the name! This app offers you a wide variety of filters, allows you to smoothen out your skin, and even adjust your body size, if you so desire (although, we think you should just OWN it!).

This app takes your photos from basic to outstanding! Thanks to Afterlight’s vintage filters, you can recreate old-time effects on your photos, and watch those likes flood in!

Wish you had longer legs? The Spring app is just what you need! It allows you ‘extend’ your body and adjust body proportions -including your face, arms and stomach!
Happy snapping!

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