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5 Characters Of Warri Guys In Romantic Affairs


Warri guys are very funny; apart from their unique way of speaking the popular pigeon English, they also exhibit unique characters in romance and s*x-related matters!

Abeg, make una nor report me give Quarter Chairman for area o!

1) They are mostly aggressive if a babe proves to be too smart: As a girl, don’t try to drain their resources only to tell them later that you are not ‘in the mood’!!! In fact, don’t ever think of it!!! You either avoid having them spend on you totally or you comply with their wish as dictated by their desires! Deh dey vex! Deh nor get joy o!

2) The natural comedy in them might make them not to take you to comedy shows: My guy, everybody dey funny for Warfi!!! Some get am for words; others get am for doings! wink Comedians like AY or I Go Die will host a comedy show in Abuja or Lagos and the venue would be filled to the brim! Come and try it in Warri na…omo, you go fear the number of vacant seats na! The fact is that the average Warri guy doesn’t care whether it is AY Show or QY Show!!! He is very funny and can even make the babe laugh more than how Gandoki would have done! If na broke Warfi guy wen nor get joy, don’t ever speak of Silverbird or Gordons Show; e fi dash you one sour slap!!!

3) They will never pretend to be Superman or Voltron: Yes! Warri guys will never prove to you that they are superman or voltron when in a romantic affair. Though, they would always protect you if they can withstand the risk but not when danger is seriously involved! If you go out with a Warfi guy and there’s trouble at the venue, don’t ever think that he would be your messiah; try to find your way out because his first move will be to save himself!!! A Warri boy will always disappear to re-appear! grin So don’t think you are hanging out with Obinna from Enugu!

4) They are romantically sugar-coated: Warri guys have their way of convincing women even without using material things. It is called ‘scoping’ or ‘giving her your words’. The vocabulary is very large; you cannot learn it outside except you have been raised in the streets of the Oil City!!! If you have been maltreating your girlfriend, make sure a Warri guy doesn’t know about it or else, your babe would fall in love with him soonest and dump your lonely ass on the dusty road!

5) No eatery for ‘Runs girls’: If Warri guys observe you to be a ‘runs girl’, they would rather take you to a beer parlour than taking you to an eatery! They calculate very fast (even those that do not know Mathematics!). The reason is that they would spend lesser at a beer parlour compared to an eatery where they might lose some thousands! In a beer parlour, they are guaranteed that some few change can get both of you ‘high’ which can even assist the ‘kpakirikpa ministry’ that night!

Abeg, make I make sure say my gate dey locked before Area go find me reach house o!

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