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5 Red Flags Guys Should Look Out for in Girls


Let me begin by saying “Different strokes for different folks”. To some men when a woman wears trousers its a red flag and to others when women don’t cover their hair its also a red flag. Some men won’t see a smoking woman as a red flag, they might even date them but we all know they won’t marry them. The red flags mentioned here are for men who want a serious relationship with women whom they won’t mind marrying.

MAKE-UP FREAKS: This should go without saying, but the amount of males who ignore this one is absolutely astounding. More to the point, be wary of any girl who has obviously spent hours putting on “her face” before she went outside, or otherwise seems to have a quarter-inch of foundation on her face. At the same time, be wary of girls who are staunchly opposed to wearing make-up, or shaving, or other such politically-driven clichés.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTS: Most especially Snapchat freaks, they are the worst. This isn’t going away any time soon, so its worth including. Watch out for women that seem overly obsessed with websites like Facebook dating websites, etc. They are either super bored, super narcissistic, super insecure, super desperate, or total whores. Whichever it is, stay the hell away.

GIRLS WHO ARE EASILY OFFENDED: In short, avoid girls who can’t take a joke, don’t laugh much, love to act offended about nearly everything as some bizarre attempt at proving they are “enlightened”, or who actually do get offended or hurt by random BS all the time. Also, avoid girls who seem to have a different reaction each time to the same stimuli, or who seem addicted to pouting, or who generally don’t seem to have a handle on their emotional reactions. Yah, that sure helps to narrow it down, huh?

GIRLS WHO ACT LIKE A MUMU (OR WHO IS A MUMU): Doesn’t know who the Vice President is? Red flag. Doesn’t know about that massive earthquake that happened in Haiti some weeks back? Red flag. Doesn’t care to educate herself after her stupidity is pointed out? Red flag. Thinks it’s attractive to be stupid or pretend that she’s stupid? Red flag. Are you getting the point yet?…

HANGS OUT OUT AT BARS AND CLUBS TOO MUCH: Slutty, crazy, or depressed, Take your pick. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t really be picking out a wife at a bar. If you’re into one night stands, then go for it, but at least choose a girl who showed up with some of her other girl-friends.

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