Dear reader, before i proceed on this unconventional article, I think putting up a disclaimer up real quick will let you know that this is not one of those chucky cheese, beating about the bush, regular kinda feature. It is straight hard on the true reality of issues. So your discretion is needfully advised, from this point on.

As I got less busy and literally flipped through the webpages for the days top news, amidst other very important news, I saw the Nigerian version Of news, as usual-very odd, very nauseating and very upsetting. A serving minister, and a group are campaigning for an ex leader to ‘come back’ to ‘rule’ (not lead), the country. And I began to wonder if the brain drain like we use to call it has been so severe that there are credible people to campaign for.
This is one singular reason that the world will continually look at and treat us with disdain. Because we keep acting as grown up fools at almost 60 years of independence.

It is sad that Nigerians have such mind blowing short memory and seem to have signed a pact with slavery and suffering. Even if this people that are rotating themselves and tampering with our destinies are diabolical, I think this going in circle of sufferings should have open our eyes and though us the simple but basic lessons. We pray and we are arguably the most religious country of the black race; as we now even export preachers abroad, but the fundamentals of what we learn day in day out has really not moved us to change.

Again it is mind blowing to think that all we do is dumbly fall for the lies this people tell and the showmanship of associating with the downtrodden when election approaches, and we dumbly rally round to support because he is from our ethnic group, tribe, or merely because we like his/horrible face and useless propaganda of integrity the PR firm they hire with our collective money that they stole push out to us. That is why they ‘lord’ over us, treat us as if they are doing us a favour by leading us and they never want to leave office. It is shocking. And as much as we are one of the most smart people on earth, it is still amazingly shocking that we are all dummies when it comes to who to lead us and making change we all silently, maybe now openly yearn for.

In a century where third world countries are moving up to second and others becoming superpowers, we as a people keep recycling rogues, thief’s, bandits, intellectual dummies and yet we expect a miracle out of the blue? God has given us everything, some other countries do not have one-tenth of what we have, yet they have turned their lots around. We claim to be giant, but what is the use of being a Goliath with no common sense?
We pray so much and do so little. Even God expects us to use our heads, He expects us to work with our minds, He expects us to take action- prayer without works is dead remember? We have to be ready o speak out for our own liberation, if we don’t do it now, well keep passing on false hopes to generations unborn, just as it was passed on to us.

Its appalling to hear and see these rogues who have crippled our economy still boast of coming to rule, and arrogantly saying they did and are celebrating a project that a county in the United States won’t even mention as an achievement. Most of the so called projects are the basic rights the government owe to us. These are some of the things that nobody talks about in 21st century, because the world is way past that. I saw a picture of an African president the other day on the internet, where he (the president) was watering a foundational plant under heavy rain- how did we become this senseless band foolish as people? How did we get here? No wonder these folks refer to us as monkeys. And refer to Africa as a country, it is simply because the do not see any difference in the stupidity we commonly and constantly exhibit. It is sad. It is strange that as many millions as we are, we cannot fight for our own freedom. Nobody wants to take the initiative to lead the crusade for freedom. Those that managed to try are being condemned by the same people they are trying to help out of suffering. Others chicken out by the way, while most do it to get their share of the bribe for silence. Everybody wants freedom, just like everyone wants to make it to heaven, but no one wants to die – so how do you get into heaven with mortal bodies?

God will not come off His throne to do what is our own duty for us, we have that responsibility to ourselves. And until renew our minds towards freedom, and do what we need to do, we will keep wallowing in abject poverty and pain, the very few will keep getting out to other better countries and they’ll keep being treated as the second class humans that we’ve reduced ourselves to be.

I rest my case.

May God save Nigeria, Nigerians,Africa and the Black race from this common phenomenon.


Guest Post:
Flo Dabelson
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