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Catching A Falling Star

A parody of justice and a politician, whose stench refuses to go away, rather daily oozing out like toast oozing with butter, and the wound inflicted on a sorrowing nation oozing pus.
I was staring out of the windows at the carpet of thick bank of  clouds below us on a midmorning flight from JFK, I heaved a deep sigh, and looking across the array of seats and fellow passengers, as a conversation we were quietly enjoying and the openended  discussion on our dear nation ended with neither all of us wrong or right.

It is amazing that all attempts at damage limitation, a process of trying to stop a political scandal from causing more damage than it has already, has been as,useless as bath water, and was only fueling more and more speculation and revelations as accomplices spill the beans.
The damning evidence and some pretty damning things about a man and his sense of duty and diligence. A man who has seemingly embraced politics without passion,distant often appearing ill at ease,always going by the book, calculating his next move. That helped him at first, but finally, led to his downfall.

I know for sure that next to losing a child, the break-up of a marriage, losing power and influence is the hardest thing to go through and as the recent eclipse fades, all manner of things have been let loose, you may feel less constrained, although,you still have to deal with what’s come out of Pandora’s box.

The final months in the six years excursion was quite an interesting one. You are trying to settle yourself after the meltdown, what better way to do that than to cast aside the six year long amateurish dramatics and opt instead for a total repackaging and reorganising your cupboards. It may sound boring, but you’d be best off sipping echinacea and attending to your small. Now you know nothing lasts forever and that relying on chance or an uncontrolled element in the details of life breeds failure.

Hmmm! To be honest, that 28th, March eclipse will take a while to assimilate. It has been a high-octane time, now that you are trying to settle back into a familiar rhythm and regain a sense of normality, you can engage in your domestic relations, keeping your hands occupied while your mind works out what’s really going on. I have said it elsewhere and your tenure confirmed that there is something mystifying about the China shop called Aso rock, as a place whose occupants are either carried out feet first or disgraced.

It’s clear that you’ve been able to pull in the reins when you’ve had to,which has impressed someone who thought your stock-in-trade was going off the rails. You can relax,blow bubbles and make whoopee once again, while en route to your next assignation.

Who says life gets dull when you get what you want. Put your feet up and enjoy the soaps- soaps after all are supposedly a reflection of real life. Your testimonial would read like”led with an uninspiring mien and efforts that were condescending, compromised and not daring enough,with lieutenants milking the state treasury dry.

There is a moral for you, Shakespeare’s Cleopatra and Macbeth’s spouses, like Eve, well known,selfishness and disobedience contributed to their men’s fall, by contrast Noah’s wife, anonymous, the world owe much to her selfless, obedient spirit in supporting her husband in his vital work.

I pray that the blessings of almighty God may rest upon your successor’s counsels. The deplorable conditions under which some Nigerians live and die is enough an impetus for PMB& Co an awareness of danger that should make them interested in weapons and strategy and the nature of the enemy- poverty, second only to religion, has perpetrated some of the worst and terrible atrocities that have scandalised history. They must rid every sector of the economy of wastage; declare an emergency on the energy sector to grow Nigeria’s energy capacity which implies a boom that ipsofacto could generate employment.
Prove to all that though a good education is invaluable,there are uneducated millionaires and that fortunes are found in everyday pains. A winner makes commitment; a loser makes promises.
PMB’s primary duty is to catch the fallen star, help it regain its mojo and restore our fading glory with sheen and élan.

Jimi Bickersteth is a blogger and writer.
He can be reached on twitter

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