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Personal Branding in the Workplace – Ivie Ogbonmwan

For a very long time, I believed the term personal branding applied to just entertainers and entrepreneurs. Boy, was I wrong?! As I studied my candidates and clients, I recognized that each and every one of my faves had some sort of brand. Jide was known as the life of the party at work, never a dull moment with him. Kike was known as the ‘go-to’ girl, she knew everything, every place, ... Read More »

Personal Branding: The 5 Essential Things Your Consultants Don’t Tell You – Uju Chukwu

People often think you ought to have achieved a whole lot before you can be qualified to be profiled as a personal brand. Most people believe that you have to break the bank and meet a consultant who will actually build a personal brand for you. While this might be a bit risky for me because I would have had you come to pay me, I’ve decided to be a ... Read More »

Yvonne Orji shares her Journey from Miss Nigeria in America to Molly on “Insecure” | WATCH

This is really beautiful to watch. Yvonne Orji has come a long way and she’s sharing a bit of her story with HBO. For her HBO Backstories: “Insecure” feature, she talks about her journey from grad school, to Miss Nigeria in America, to discovering her talent in comedy, and landing her role as Molly in Insecure. Watch: Please follow and like us: Read More »

The Mace, Morality and A Dove on the Mast – Jimi Bickersteth

“It is terrible to speak well and be wrong”.-Sophocles. This evening I laid sleepless, staring into darkness, (yes, the PHCN, a derivative for light, was on strike,) my mind began a postmortem of the Third Republic,it was all like been caught in a spiral like a squirrel in a cage. Going over the past. The nation’s past, from circa.independence, its military interregnums, through to the second Republic and now. I ... Read More »

A Step-by-Step Guide on Moving House Utilities Checklist (A Seven Day Feat)

The Perfect Start Once you are moving from one apartment to another, one important item on your moving to-do list is to transfer utility services. The task may seem to be a little overwhelming if you have got a number of utilities to transfer. These include but are not limited to the need to file a change of address form at the post office, let your family, friends, and employers ... Read More »

No Degree? No Problem: Here’s how to land a dream job without one

When Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the White House on March 6, he made a point to focus on hiring practices. “Our company, as you know, was founded by a college drop-out,” Cook told the president of the United States. “So we’ve never really thought that a college degree was the thing that you had to have to do well. We’ve always tried to expand our horizons.” Cook was of ... Read More »

Must Read: The black man’s worst enemy

In the wake of Nipsey Hustle’s murder and the many myth surrounding his death, it seemed imperative to understand why the black man is quick to point accusing fingers at the government and in the case of Nipsey’s murder, the big corporations. many have speculated that the big pharma corporations were not pleased with the documentary on Dr Sebi, (the man who can cure any disease) by Nipsey. they allegedly ... Read More »

A Sedated AU and Africa’s Thromboses of a Steadily Growing Decline in the Emerging World – Time and Need for a Pan-African 4D Throughout

Over the sounds of crickets and frogs in the soft African night in Akute, the halo and the ring of light around the sickled shaped moon up in the sky depicted the serious conditions of the environment. The entire corpus of the African continent merely cosmetics reforms is a suggestive symbolism of the corollary and natural consequence of the continent’s political, economic and social ills. It was like going to ... Read More »

Inside Their ‘Complicated’ Mother & Daughter Relationship of Paris Jackson & Debbie Rowe

‘It took years’ for Paris Jackson to become close with her rarely seen mother, Debbie Rowe, as ‘life-changing’ events finally brought the two together. Here’s exactly what those pivotal experiences were. Debbie Rowe, 60, is much closer to daughter Paris Jackson, 20, these days, even though Michael Jackson’s ex-wife gave up custody and parental rights of the model and her older brother Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., 22, when they were just toddlers in 2001. “Paris ... Read More »

Must Read: 3 Ways to Survive Lagos by Bodunrin Afolabi

et’s face the truth! It is a city of acute madness. From driving on the express to being in transit with Danfo drivers and their accomplices; from having a tailor to having a landlord or tenants (God help you if you live in ‘face me I sound you’); from NEPA and their ‘ladder-men’ to the police officers and okada riders (these ones would have you switching to personalities you never ... Read More »

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