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Guys, 12 ways to spot a fake Naija Big Girl

If you have lived in Abuja for more than a year, you should understand the term “fake Abuja big girl” or FABB. These are the girls who are usually very attractive, own all the Apple products in this world, live in N1million flats in Maitama, but if you check their background, their parents are struggling in their various villages. Enough said, let me educate you 12. She Is A Tease ... Read More »

10 Helpful Condom Hacks You Need To Know

Did you know with just sunlight, water and a condom you could start a fire. Apparently condom isn’t used for only s3x, there are tons of helpful things I bet you didn’t know you could use it for. Watch the video below and I’m pretty sure your perception of a condom would change.. Please follow and like us: Read More »

Abubakar Shekau – Nigeria’s Most Wanted “Terrorist With Nine Lives”

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau has become more or less like the proverbial cat with nine lives. “Has Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau become the proverbial cat with nine lives?,” a colleague asked. “The Nigerian Army has announced the death of this Shekau guy four times now, still the guy no gree die o!” On September 1, 2016, the Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Lucky Irabor said  that ... Read More »

Read: The Heart Surgeon’s Secret For Healthy Blood Pressure

“There’s a hidden reason why many people are still struggling with their blood pressure. And it may not be due to poor diet, lack of exercise, or too much salt.” When a famed heart surgeon utters these words, it’s worth sitting up and taking notice. That’s why we recently sat down with Dr. Chauncey Crandall to learn more about this missing link to healthy blood pressure. Dr. Crandall is chief ... Read More »

Jay Z and The ‘Hard To Believe’ Sketchy Rumours

Jay Z is living the dream now, but he wasn’t always a millionaire 600 times over, a doting dad, or Beyoncé’s main man. In fact, based on what we’ve heard from this source and that, the rapper has a lot of skeletons. Here are a few shady stories about Hova we hope aren’t true. In 1999, Jay Z reportedly stabbed music producer Lance “Un” Rivera at a record release party. ... Read More »

Movies that horrifyingly killed people in real life

“That movie scared me to death!” How many times have you said this after exiting a theater? But next time you say it, keep this in mind: you’re lucky to be leaving the theater at all, because for some people, the final credits truly are final. Here’s a look at some movies that literally killed viewers. Avatar (2009) James Cameron’s 3D CGI epic Avatar marked a groundbreaking achievement in visual ... Read More »

The untold truth of Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride fans may have believed the MTV show acted like a fairy godmother for car lovers who couldn’t afford tricked-out rides. Peek under the hood of this gearhead favorite, however, and instead of finding a shiny V-8 engine, there might be a hamster on a wheel—metaphorically speaking, anyway. There’s no arguing Pimp My Ride’s popularity and impact on pop culture, but the show’s behind-the-scenes reality might make you ... Read More »

If Tekno is The Crowned Prince of Arrogance, Who is King?

Arrogance is a killer in the music industry, and Tekno has got it. The Headies is just the start of it. While some members of the industry can berate Kiss Daniel for his lack of compromise over his booking fees and performance remunerations, few can really tag the man as ‘Arrogant’. You want arrogance? Look away from G-Worldwide and take a slow ride towards the scanty house that Made Men ... Read More »

Urgent Safety Alert: This is A Must Read for All Vehicle Users In Nigeria

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO ALL VEHICLE USERS Many people have been wondering what could be the cause of the incessant tyre burst accidents on Nigerian roads. The major cause is that we inflate too much pressure on our tyres. How did I know? I was preparing for a long journey, and decided to changed some of my tyres. When I asked the vulcanizer the recommended Air pressure for the tyres, He ... Read More »

2017 Budget,Foreign Loan: IMF as The Plastic Surgeon,Points PMB must note – @bickerstethjimi

The chuckles,sighs and trepidations that greeted Mr president’s presentation of the proposed 7-some trillion budget, with a doubtful stability and coherence between monetary, fiscal and trade, belie the sincerity in the cheers and partisan clappings he received, as he leaned the broom on the wall. However,that is not going to be our focus today;although,one may have a recourse to do a paper on  the legislatures body language,in the final analysis, ... Read More »

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