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An Open Letter to Latina Millennials From Hillary Clinton

As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to the amazing, inspiring young Latinas I’ve met as I’ve crossed the country for this campaign. Your generation is unlike any that has come before. You’re growing up at a time when you have an incredible opportunity to write our nation’s next chapter. Many of you are the first in your family ... Read More »

A Challenge For Obama’s Successor: Being a Casual, Cool President

hen Hillary Clinton appeared last week on “Between Two Ferns,” the intentionally awkward meta-talk show where host Zach Galifinakis deadpans while peppering guests with insultingly barbed questions, it was a sign of something eight years in the making. Such an appearance by a presidential candidate would’ve been wholly unexpected in 2008 or 2004. Now, it’s emerging as perhaps the dominant approach that 2016’s candidates are taking to media appearances—from Donald ... Read More »

Poetry Session: Sorrows Of Our Time – by Headrush (@iamheadrush_)

Sorrows Of Our Time Every life tell tales of the struggles in passing time The young in their prime, trying to dance to the rhythm of the passing time Generations of point of views, like how we say “e no easy” as an excuse. Were the consolation for the day’s work, is the believe for a better tomorrow And still no hope for a better tomorrow Will the young still ... Read More »


Fellow Nigerians, let me openly express my secret fears all this while about this our beloved Change Government which so many people supported and used all their might to midwife. Most of them did not belong to the All Peoples Congress (APC) but they were armed with a common faith in the incorruptibility of one man, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), and his ability to arrest Nigeria’s supersonic slide into ... Read More »

The 21 Quotes That Define Maturity

Many of us while we were much younger used to think that maturity was about age and physical development, how wrong. The unbelievable things some so called adults iindulge in these days are so irritating and i have since realized that age is only but a number. Below are 21 definitions of MATURITY I found and thought is worth sharing with you all… no 21 is extremely important.. 1….Maturity is when ... Read More »

Celebrities And The New Found Love for Nudity – Fashion or Madness ? See Photos

The form of dressing in 2016 is becoming something else. In the guise of fashion, nudity is now being glorified at an overwhelming scale and guess what the Americans are leading the pack in this unholy madness. God save the world. – Didi Read More »

Security Alert: Share As Received

If you are a girl or woman, take heed! If you are male and have a significant female in your life who you care about, whether it’s your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter, your sister, your niece, your cousin, your next door neighbor, your friend, etc., pass this along! *Always, it’s better to be safe than sorry!* A man came over and offered his services as a painter to a ... Read More »

10 Fantastic Things You Can Buy Instead Of The Yeye IPhone 7

credit: chichinwaafrica 1. DStv subscription for 28 months 2. One and half years’ rent in Egbeda 3. One plot of land in Ikorodu 4. Two plots of land in Ekiti 5. Naija used Honda Baby Boy 6. Weekend in Dubai 7. 1,000 packs of small chops 8. 1,333 bottles of beer 9. 2,578 litres of petrol 10. 3 pieces of London used iPhone 6s So is buying an iPhone 7 ... Read More »

Foods That Prevents And Reverse Gray Hair

At some point in our lives, just about every one of us will experience the onset of graying hair. Getting gray hair is normal to old people but abnormal to young people. It is very annoying when grey hair appears when you are not old, some people start to grey in their 20s and 30s. Due to eating patterns and lifestyle change, it has become normal for young people to ... Read More »

An Open Letter To SEC Written By A Lawyer Who Is A Participant Of MMM

CHALLENGE TO EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE AGAINST MMM – AN OPEN RESPONSE TO THE WARNING OF THE SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF NIGERIA In the news recently, Securities & Exchange Commission in pursuance of their statutory duties issued a well-intentioned, but I dare say, misinformed warning to the general public about MMM being a Ponzi scheme and most recently making the news rounds is the purported report of the warning of ... Read More »

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