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Tekno Miles Is In Danger Of Messing Up His Career

A couple of events held over the past few weeks in Texas: one was the Africa Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) in Dallas on Saturday, October 15. And the other was the One Africa Music Fest at the massive Toyota Centre, on Saturday, October 22. Going from the names of the above mentioned events, you would have already deduced that Nigerian artistes ... Read More »

8 reasons Nigerians won’t stop investing in MMM until it crashes

MMM Read More »

Health: 7 Types Of Foods That Will Tighten Your Punani Again

Vegetables All types of vegetables have an impressive way of providing widespread benefits to our general health. One important veggie is broccoli. Broccoli provides you with special cholesterol-lowering benefits when cooked by steaming. The fiber-related elements in this vegetable bind together with bile acids in the digestive tract, making it easier to be excreted. Broccoli also contains glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin, and glucobrassicin. This dynamic trio supports all steps in detox process, ... Read More »

6 Ways To Make A Woman Scream Your Name In Bed

There are few things that make a woman cry and scream out your name when you are giving it to them and it is an art that has to be perfected There are a few things that EVERY woman wishes men did more of in bed and here are the top 6. 1. Giving her an orga_sm before intercourse start The ability to give your woman an org_asm even before ... Read More »

6 Types Of Jobs That Can Make Your Partner Cheat On You

What are those jobs that make it easier for one to cheat on their partner? 1. RECEPTIONIST Working as a receptionist is nice, but it is one of those jobs that can push one to cheat on their partner, due to its nature. The reception desk is one of the most important in any organization because it is where visitors and clients are initially welcomed (received) before they’re sent to ... Read More »

FIVE reasons why you should marry a Zulu woman

Many reasons have been written before on why you should marry a Zulu woman. Here are five more reasons : She is Not Selfish – The backbone of a lasting marriage is self-giving, selflessness. This is a higher level of commitment. I am not saying you should lose yourself and become a ‘slave’. Zulu women are raised to not be selfish, but to reciprocate love and give excessively to her family and ... Read More »


Fellow Nigerians, let me say that nothing worries me more than the lack of jobs for our teeming youths. I have lost count of how many requests I get daily from unemployed graduates and non-graduates seeking any kind of job. Some have been out of jobs forever and they’ve been out of school for so long that they’ve almost forgotten whatever they learnt. Many consider you wicked and insensitive when ... Read More »

Remembering Ken Saro Wiwa Jnr

GUEST COLUMNIST: TU THANH HA  He was a writer with a fluid prose and an eye for details. A human-rights activist. An adviser to three presidents in his native Nigeria. And he was also a man whose life and career were marked by the murder of his famous father two decades ago. Ken Wiwa was a successful journalist in his own right who, while in his 20s, was suddenly thrust ... Read More »

My Erotic Story: ‘Getting over him’

It was finally over between Ore and her boyfriend, Goke. Goke turned around and walked out of her house. She stood in the centre of her living room, watching him leave. She knew the heartbreak would come, and so would the pain, but at that moment, she closed her eyes, letting relief wash through her that the dysfunctional relationship was over. She sat down numbly and picked up her phone. ... Read More »

‘Cucumber?’: 4 Indicted Nollywood Actresses Who Have Escaped Punishment

As news of the escape of Miss Anambra beauty Queen, Chidinma Okeke, due to possible arrest and that she has been granted asylum in another country surfaced, it became worrisome why some female celebrities who out of one careless or the other will always escape the arms of the law. Celeb Police parades 4 of notable Nigerian female Nollywood actresses who have in one time or the other ‘escaped’. Ibinabo ... Read More »

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