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Green Card Marriage Scam (1): Why I Paid A Man To Marry Me For US Citizenship

We came across this piece and thought it important to share. For every person you ever meet, you’re bound to develop at least three first impressions. If you were to meet me? British, over-polite, affable. And you’d be right. Three things you definitely wouldn’t guess? Fraudster, federal law-offender, illegal immigrant. As with most crimes, my motive was admittedly selfish. I had fled a troubled phase in London for a second ... Read More »

We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime – Each One for a Specific Reason

It is a common belief that each person only falls in love three times during their lifetime. However, each one of these happens under a very different light from the one before and each serves a very different purpose. THE FIRST LOVELOVE The first love happens when we are young, sometimes as young as the time we are in high school. This love fulfills the dreams of our youth and ... Read More »

6 Ways To Re-Invent Your Career After A Lay Off

When a Layoff is Not a Bad Thing – How to re-invent your career. If you’ve recently (or not so recently) been laid off, it is easy to fall into the trap of self doubt, self pity and low self esteem. What you should be aware of is that you’re not alone, as millions of americans have suffered the same fate. Like them, ultimately you should look at it as ... Read More »

First 100 Days: Why They Matter Even Less To Donald Trump

Brace yourself now for the deluge of predictable stories about Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride during these first 100 days in office: the erratic tweets and tirades, the confusing shifts in policy on health care and Russia and, underlying all of it, the intensifying rivalries between aides, family members and department chiefs. Even in normal cases, the whole 100-day construct is pretty silly. Anyone who’s ever started a new job — ... Read More »

Trump’s Deep Links to Organized Crime: Federal Investigators Know It and the Public Is Catching Up

As Trump built his empire, he attracted a criminal element whose ties still bind. As President Trump discovers the prerogative of unilaterally making war, the media gaze has turned away from the ongoing FBI, House and Senate investigation of his Russia ties to the simpler dramas of cruise missiles, big bombs and tough but loose talk on North Korea. Yet even the “mother of all bombs” cannot obliterate the accumulating ... Read More »

Pendulum: Our Country and the Unknown Landlords – @DeleMomodu

“I love my country I know go lie Na inside am I go live and die I know my country I no go lie Na im and me go yap till I die…” Fellow Nigerians, let me borrow that incredible song I believe was composed by Tunji Oyelana and produced in the Shehu Shagari era, around 1981. The National Party of Nigeria (NPN) was comfortably in charge and the ruling ... Read More »

An Ode to Change and Depression in a Nation With Recession-Default Button – @akannibickersteth

At Asokoro District, time is half past six,though of no essence. I have the urge to have a feel of how far the “Change” concept has changed and also the impact the passion and newly found depression that has suddenly come to characterized Nigerians life and time at this recession era. On this hot April afternoon with a last yellow flash behind the greyish Zuma rock in the distance,the frogs ... Read More »

Must Read: A Love Letter to My Thighs

“You may not be slender, or tanned, or smooth, but you’re up for the challenge when I start to move.” Most people have features they’d rather not flaunt on social media—and for many of us, that feature is our thighs. We feel pressure to tone them up, or whittle them down, or else hide them away. That’s precisely why yogi Sharline Eae decided to write a love letter to the ... Read More »

$1.3 Billion Malabu Oil Fraud: The Scam And The People That Wrecked Nigeria

The 12 unbelievable facts you should know about Nigeria’s most controversial deal. The controversial $1.3 billion fraudulent deal revolves around “OPL 245,” which is believed to be the most valuable oil field in West Africa. The Malabu oil scam has been making headlines for years and is being described as one of the largest corruption scandals ever witnessed in the global oil industry. The controversial $1.3 billion deal revolves around ... Read More »

Why are Malaysian pastors and activists going missing?

It all began with the case of the missing pastor. On the morning of 13 February, Raymond Koh was exiting a highway in the leafy suburb of Kelana Jaya just outside of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. A widely circulated CCTV clip appears to show what happened next. A convoy of black SUVs and motorcycles is seen swooping down on his car and boxing it in by the side of ... Read More »

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