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CHIBOK: The Story Of Nigeria’s Last People To Submit To British Rule

THEY were the last group in Nigeria to submit to British rule. Chibok people, hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago, were a proud people who lived in and near the rocks, from which they warded off intruders. Historians record that as the gale of colonialism eventually blew across Africa and enveloped the geographical entity today known as Nigeria, these agrarian people did not give in easily to the Europeans. ... Read More »


LET NOT EVIL PREVAIL. A letter from Rome: By: John Cardinal Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja. We are all familiar with the wise saying that evil thrives where and when good people do nothing and keep quiet. It is also a great lesson of history that you need only a few determined people to bring down a nation. Here the rule of majority does not apply. We do not know how ... Read More »

#Pendulum : Why Our Girls Are Not Back

Fellow Nigerians, it is now three weeks since over 200 female students were abducted from their hostel without any trace whatsoever. The matter has become more complicated than a jigsaw and the more we look, the less we see. I used to think the game of abracadabra was limited to the illusory world of magic but this calamity has stretched our imagination even beyond superstition. There are just too many ... Read More »

Let someone call Ayo Oritsejafor and his ‘Christian Association of Nigeria’ to order! – Michael Akinpelu

The Christian association set out in 1976 to be the umbrella body of all Christian churches in Nigeria, but due to some internal factors, not all churches were part of this body, some even withdrew after joining. I feel CAN has failed to totally reflect the true epitome of Christianity, but have rather chosen to be characterized with reckless statements and acts, I remember in 2006 when Peter Akinola, (the ... Read More »


■ One of the major reasons cited by Junta, General Ibrahim Babangida who dragged Nigeria into a full OIC membership as an ISLAM NATION is to benefit from a self-professed Islamic values of unity and fraternity among the Member States. In fact, Article 1(18) of the OIC Charter, among other undertakings, offers to cooperate with member-nations in combating terrorism and organized crime in all its forms and manifestations. ■ With ... Read More »

In Gen. Abacha’s Words

“If insurgency lasts for more than 24 hrs, the government has a hand in it” – Late General Sani Abacha Please follow and like us: Read More »

What Jonathan’s administration must do to defeat Boko Haram, By Bola Tinubu

“The terrorists now try to frighten us by showing that our security forces are unable to stop them, even in our nation’s capital.” Nigeria’s current security situation jars the mind, and troubles all those who have a touch of conscience about the plight of their fellow man. We have been brought to the point where we must now admit that basic security no longer exists for a vast segment of ... Read More »


President Jonathan has abandoned responsibility. And this is for the umpteenth time. This president just loves committees, and, as we are told, if you do not want a job done, form a committee. The president’s conduct is getting quite embarrassing. If this president sees a snake in his bedroom, he would form a committee on snakes. If this issue of the 200 kidnapped Chibok girls had not gone international, President ... Read More »

“Are We Still Equal…?”

“You can not give a state wedding to your own Daughter, and other people’s Daughters are abducted! … and you are hearing them say “we have married them off according to our Religion!” Woe betide that Religion and to those who practice it” Pastor Tunde Bakare Please follow and like us: Read More »

How to Control Self Control

“If you conquer yourself, then you conquer the world”< Paulo Coelho It’s true that you can’t change other people, but you can change yourself - by taking control. Better still, self-control is a proven and significant key to success. Let’s see how you can develop your own self-control even further, through understanding and using two key ingredients: willpower and habit – providing an incredible way to free yourself, and be ... Read More »

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