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Guys, See 10 Types Of Ladies You Must Avoid In Life In Order To Be Financially Successful

Well, A popular adage says that before a thunderstorm, lightening strikes. Seriously, This adage is peculiar to some relationships where guys complain bitterly about ladies excessive desperation for money. This is no joke. But the saddening thing is that some guys are very familiar with these signs yet they still fall victim to these .daughters of Jezebel that go on a date mainly for stomach infrastructure Well, Below are categories ... Read More »

#LyricsAndRhythm: LOVE SO DEEP – Poetry by @iamheadrush_

 LOVE SO DEEP These words like love in one’s heart At the sight of one’s love, that sets feelings in flight Love like the feeling of a warm winter night Love like these words from a bleeding heart Love like it can’t be defined by a heart that hurts Love like nothing can go wrong Love like these words from my thoughts Holding you close just to feel your heart ... Read More »

How Romance Impacts Your Children

Research reveals that by the age of 10, most children would have formed their world view, values and identity. This implies that most of “who” a child will become in the next 70 to 80 years is being decided within that brief time frame. This is similar to laying the foundation of a house, the size of a superstructure will be decided by the depth and strength of the foundation. ... Read More »

#LyricsAndRhythm: “I Wanna Tell..”

My Sweetness, I wanna tell you sweet words like roses are red and violets are blue. Like me asking you to be my boo You never said much but I got the clue Cos every conversation was the ‘true’ Making that laughter all forms of hue. This bond be stronger than glue. And where the earth kisses the sky, its you. #iamheadrush, #MicroPoetry, #iDreamzMedia Please follow and like us: Read More »


An uncle of mine said recently and of course I totally agree with him that, a man wants in his life just 3 things; 1 Full stomach 2 Empty balls 3 Huge Ego Well I fully agree with this uncle of mine as a male gender needs just these 3 things from a lady/wife/girlfriend. But what happens when the female cannot give any of the three or is lacking or ... Read More »

#LyricsAndRhythm: THE LADIES IN ME LIFE… -@iamheadrush_

To all the ladies I have loved, crushed on, admired and still loving, I am writing you this poem.. Me words flowing like stream converging, just to give you thoughts vase like the ocean. Sit back, savour this moment as I take you through the motion. Motion through the memories we have gathered like cowries. This love n war we shared like dowries. Dowries for the relationships that was and ... Read More »

6 Steps On How To Approach A Lady In Public And Win Her Heart (Must Read)

We have talked about the 7 Ways To Slide In Your Crush’s DM And Set The ‘P’ Rolling, and it went viral in days. So we thought of helping you a Lil bit further with this new article because we know some men are naturally shy while some don’t even know how to start the process of wooing a girl. The thing is, wooing a girl in public is simple ... Read More »

I Married The Man Of My Mother’s Dreams But Lived With The Man Of My Nightmares

This is just a short story of my life, my experiences, my mistakes and lesson learnt. I have to say that I am a beautiful, intelligent, young lady. I got admission into the university at age 17 and graduated at 21. After my graduation I waited a few years for my national youth service since my University had issues to settle with NYSC. Then, the pressure to get married from ... Read More »

6 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Bald Man

They say bald is beautiful. What they don’t say is that bald also makes for a pretty awesome husband. So before you skip over bald profiles for a guy with a full head of hair, consider these; 1. They Don’t Take Up A Lot of Bathroom Space Bald guys don’t need all kinds of fancy haircuts, gels, moose or even a comb. They barely need shampoo. That means they’ve got ... Read More »

Love in the air: Why men fall in love with air hostesses

How interesting it is to fall in love in the sky; even at about 40,000 feet above sea level. It is a norm while travelling by air to see charming, beautiful, down-to-earth, well dressed and courteous young ladies serve as air hostesses. Their male counterparts are known as air hosts. These people are also known as flight or cabin attendants, cabin crew, stewards and stewardesses. To say their presence in ... Read More »

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