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17 Questions Girls Wish You Asked Them On The First Date

There are different types and strata’s of girls in Nigeria, the questions below are mostly for girls who fall in the average/upper class strata of the society, basically your average girl who isn’t bush (and probably not razz) because if you go on a date with a village girl and ask her some of these questions i doubt she’s be into you after the date.   1. Who do you ... Read More »

Superwoman: Making Him Propose Early Without You Saying A Word

Join Evelyn today on superwoman as she talks about how to make a guy propose early without saying a word. Click Play button to listen… Greennews Please follow and like us: Read More »

I Haven’t Had S*x in Three Years But This Happened When He ‘Touched’ Me – 41 Years Old Woman Speaks Up

A Nigerian woman who recently returned from the United Kingdom has opened up on her striking s*xual experience with a 28-year old lover after years of abstinence from s*x.Joro Olumofin has shared the story of an unnamed Nigerian woman who recently returned to Nigeria and is hoping to get married and have kids at the age of 41. She is currently seeing a 28-year old young man who thrilled her ... Read More »

8 Reasons Why Girls Ignore Nice Guys And Go For Bad Boys

We all have that male friend we tease for always being the nice guy. We call them all sorts of names like ‘Gbef, pant, slacker” and the list goes on. Being a nice guy in this context is when you become a pushover and try to over please a girl in a bid to date her. Even after getting the girl you still play the nice guy role that people ... Read More »

10 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Do With His Tongue During S*x…Don’t Joke With No. 10

There are certain duties the tongue is supposed to carry out during sex and as a man, you just gotta learn about them for your woman’s sake bro. trust me you must! We shall be discussing pretty outta the ordinary here, so i assume that it’s my responsibility to state that clearly before i continue. So, if you’re less than 21 or you’re single, please EXIT this article NOW!!! By ... Read More »

6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’re Still A Single Lady

Not everyone wants to be in a relationship, which is 100% fine. But there are people who complain about being painfully single. Today, we expose some reasons why you are still single… 1. You Limit Yourself With Types And Standards; You set unrealistic expectations. Most females set expectations for “the perfect guy” which are just absurd. I see girls that are 5’2″ insist on dating guys that are 6’0″ . ... Read More »

Relationship Talk: Can A Christian Date?

The desire of the Church to differentiate herself from the world has led to creation of flyover sociologies. In pursuit of differentiation, the Church reassigned certain social terminologies and abrogated some, flying over certain stages of relationship and development. This is in doctrinal salute to scriptures like, “Do not love the world or the things in the world” (1 John. 2:15)… “Do not be conformed to this world, but be ... Read More »

Ladies Only: 7 Things That Would Make Guys Refuse To Date You

Do we Nigerians use the word Dealbreaker often? Nah, but those who watch Hollywood movies (and a few toosh Nigerian movies.. lol) might know what it means. Basically it means the Main thing that would make you refuse to date/marry someone thus the term Deal BREAKER. Except the basic Cliche and Unrealistic deal breakers all Nigerian men say (she must have a big ass, must know how to cook some ... Read More »

7 Nice Conversational Starters For Girls Who Want To Text Him First

I’m dedicating this article to one of our readers from Delta state who contacted me and we got gisting, she told me about a guy whom she liked and wasn’t so sure if he liked her the same way she liked him but they text/chat a lot and she wanted to leave the friend zone by all (clean) means. And i presumed there are other girls in her shoes who ... Read More »

Lonely? Here are 6 Unexpected Places You Can Find Love

No one said success was easy on dating. Working long hours, managing a company, delegating responsibility, and keeping track of numbers and names is not only stressful, but also time consuming. Often, the more successful we become the less time we have to find “the one.” Men focus on work and excelling before settling down. Women are also following suit, deciding to climb the corporate ladder rather than tying the ... Read More »

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