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Court Resurrection Of Lesbian S3x Case – 4 Dicey Implications for Chidinma


Miss Chidinma Okeke, dethroned Miss Anambra 2016, threw up what was undoubtedly the biggest celebrity scandal of last year. The revelations that followed a leaked sextape of hers and a lesbian partner in the wake of her winning the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant left many in shock. Devasted by the shame and emotional trauma that followed her denial and ultimate acceptance of the released lesbian videos, she was reported to have attempted suicide. But her complete disappearance from the limelight, however, did reduce public interest in the case over which many have wondered how new laws on sexual morality and homosexuality would take effect on her. While her beauty and modeling career has seemingly nose-dived and her public image forever tainted, Miss Okeke who glamorized the cucumber fruit, has not had any real backlash from the law.

It is therefore surprising to many that rather than let the sleeping dogs lie, Chidinma is back in the public space, and not just that, she’s actually exhuming the case which many thought was dead. Amazing nerve, this lady got, you’d say! But then, may be her mission to get justice over those who allegedly blackmailed her into performing the sexual acts on camera might be worth it in the long run. Or may be, it could just get her in real trouble with the law and nowhere to hide this time.

Here are the implications of the resurrection of the scandal for her:


1- She can clear up her name once and for all, that’s if she was actually under duress in performing the illegal act in the first place. It won’t be an easy job. Not even a mega brand like Tiger Woods can boast of pulling that off easily. The world famous golfer did not fully recover from the sex scandal that rocked his marriage years ago.

2- Reopening the case means the videos will trend again. That’s more of her inner privacy in the public space. Details of that steamy session shouldn’t get a second look. It only means reopening healed wounds. Why would she want this? Or is she under duress again?

3- She could end up in jail. Inability to prove her case could boomerang.

4- Her life could be in danger from those she is accusing. Desperate people do desperate things. If they could actually tape her and release the videos, thereby destroying her self-esteem and public image. What stops them from wanting to end her to prevent her from incriminating them?

Just when you thought you have heard (or seen?) the last of Chidinma lesbian scandal!

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