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Divorce Rumours: Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz going their separate ways

There are rumours which indicate that Tiwa Savage has filed for a divorce with husband, Tee Billz.
Yesterday, Wednesday, March 14, 2018, rumours of an impending divorce started popping on social media, most especially Twitter. A statement attributed to Tee Billz about the divorce also started making the rounds online.

He revealed that his state of mind in the year 2016, encouraged him to live the life of a loner. Though he tried to keep up a pretentious act to ward off the suspicion that things weren’t going well with him it didn’t do much to convince close friends.

We can all remember back in 2016 when the news broke of Tee Billz attempting to commit suicide and also revealing some messy details of his marriage to Tiwa Savage. After the incident, Tiwa Savage granted an exclusive interview where she dropped more bombshell about their marriage.

Tiwa Savage got to speak about how she was dealing with his alleged infidelity, drug abuse, bad debt.

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