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#DoctorWho Season 10: An emotional end to a great series

Phew. Our nerves are shredded, our heads our spinning and we’ve got something in our eye.

The hour-long series finale, dramatically titled The Doctor Falls, was a twisting, turning, corkscrewing rollercoaster, packed with explosions and emotional goodbyes. Or were they just au revoirs?

Doctor didn’t regenerate after all. But only just

This series has been one of fake regenerations and false starts – and it continued to tease us right until the end. The Cyber army was on the rise and as the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) boasted: “There’s only ever been one way to stop that many Cybermen: me!”

He was promptly attacked by one of the metallic monsters on the roof of that sinister “conversion” hospital, only to be rescued by Cyber-Bill and carried to safety on the 507th floor’s bucolic solar farm, where he spent two weeks recuperating under the care of rifle-toting matriarch Hazran (a lovely guest turn from the ever-excellent Samantha Spiro).

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