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‘Don’t Sound As If There Are No Good Women’- Fan Writes Open Letter To Iyanya


A very big fan of Iyanya (as claimed) Bamishe Peters, has responded to Iyanya’s statement, ‘I Regret Not Getting Married Before Becoming Famous’  in an interview he recently granted .

Read the letter Bamishe wrote to Iyanya below…..

Dear Iyanya,

This is a response to the interview you granted the net posted on – Iyanya: I Regret Not Getting Married Before Becoming Famous.

I am one of your unknown fans right from the days of project fame and i always wish you more success in the music industry.

However, your statements in the above link got me seriously thinking of what you are saying as i am not really getting it.

… “I’m just trying to be patient and take my time and it’s even harder now that I’m famous because it’s really hard to find someone that truly cares for you when you are famous”.

I admit it is not easy adding career to marriage. To some extent also, i agree with the fact that you “may” not get someone with the real intention.

If you had said you needed more time to enjoy bachelorhood, it is very understandable, but saying it will be an herculean task to get a lady that will truly care is just an excuse to paint women with different colours.

If you think you might not find a lady who will really care maybe in the city you are well known, you can go into the villages where you are not known and act like nobody if you are sure to be ready for marriage and don’t want to fall into the hand of someone who knows who you are that may want to feast on your fame.

You as a man is claiming you need to watch very well as your fame could be the reason for a lady loving you. A popular female blogger i look up to is also still single just because she is afraid she might fall into the hand of gold digger, this is to show you that as there are bad eggs among women we also have rotten chickens among men.

I wouldn’t have written this if you had followed the footstep of a don in the Nigeria music industry, a 33-year old, who said in an interview that “It’s not like I don’t know I am getting old but it will happen. You guys should not let me rush into it and rush out.

“I hardly have time. I will either have to concentrate on my family or work but hopefully next year.

That statement above shows he respects women and marriage not just by saying it like you did but being conspicuous through his words, no wonder he is a don.

Don’t allow your new brother in the industry to shift the question “you want to discover mungo park?” to you before you realize you are on your own.

I know if you want to get married today you can as you cannot tell us you don’t have a lady you hide under when it is cold apart from those we see you with in the news.

Don’t sound as if there are no good women out there who can still make you more famous or add more money to your money if you don’t want the ones from not-rich background who your money and fame can give you power over and someone you can also control.

I didn’t write all i wrote above because i hate you, i am one of your best fans who want you to be greater than the “fame” you have achieved, but i cannot just wait to hear you say to her that day “they don’t know how much i feel about you, i truly love you…” rather than you making us to start imagining how long it will take you to take a woman to the altar.

Well, we are ready to wait for you to make your choice, don’t think we are in haste to see you marry as that is what those statements you said in the interview portrays.

Yours’ Sincerely,
Bamishe Peters.

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