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Guys, Here’s What To Do To Last Longer in Bed


Sometimes, trying to get her to org@.$m first with either your fingers or your mouth could help relieve your stress and help maintain your erection longer.

Do reps, pelvic exercise

According to the S3@.x:’ therapist Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., the stronger the muscles that control your org@.$m are, the longer you’ll last during S3@.x:’. To strengthen them, contract the muscles you use to stop urinating for two seconds and release. Repeat 20-60 times daily.

Take deep breaths during S3@.x:’

Forget reciting baseball stats. If you want to last longer, you need to slow your breathing down when you are close to ejaculating. Focusing on how quickly you inhale and exhale can help you avoid climaxing before you’re ready.

Alternate strokes

It’s important to alternate between long and short strokes. You’ll last longer, excite her, and get the extra stimulation you might other wise have missed banging it like a jackhammer.

Eat more veggies and fruits

Men you consume more fruits have more stamina due to the nutrients they get from these fruits and veggies, especially potassium. Eating a banana just before S3@.x:’ could help improve your performance as it contains potassium. It also has a large amount of glucose that can help you last longer.

Cut down on smoking

Smoking hardens the arteries and lessens blood flow to the male organ. It can affects every system/organ of the body including S3@.x:’ual functioning. Erection in men has a lot to do with a healthy heart, blood vessels. Smokers are twice as likely to get erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.’

Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol has a bad effect on your senses and you are not ‘fully’ in the moment. So, exerting control is out of question, isn’t it?

Try ‘edging’

When you are almost about there (org@.$m) stop all S3@.x:’ual activity. Distract yourself for a bit. This way you can gain better control and extend S3@.x:’ time.

Focus more on foreplay and your woman

Sometimes, trying to get her to org@.$m first can help relieve your stress and help maintain your erection longer.

Get enough sleep

According to a research conducted by researchers from University of Chicago, men who got less than five hours of sleep at night had lower levels of testosterone. It is important that you get 7-8 hours of sleep to boost your S3@.x:’ual performance.

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