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Have found Jesus, I’m tired of the Madness – Charly Boy


After all the craze and what have you, Area fada Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy is now a new man. He said he has encountered “positivity” and he has abandoned all the razzmatazz associated with the entertainment industry for the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

In a chat with Encomium, Charly Boy said his encounter with Jesus was the freakiest moment of his life:

What have you been up to lately?

I have been up to all sorts. It is never a dull moment with me. My whole life is about adding value to people I am opportuned to meet. Adding value to my environment and just finding a way to be useful not just to myself but my family and my environment. So, I pretty much stay busy all the time and if it is a dull moment, I create things for me to do.
You have been away from the music industry for quite some time now, what has been happening to your music career?

Defining me just as a musician is kind of belittling because I do a lot more than just sing and dance. I am a lot of things rolled into one. I keep saying, we are a lot of people in one body. So, I cut across so many sections and segments, and so it is with people I minister to from the lowest of the lowest to the highest of the highest.

So, defining me as an artiste is really too cheap. I am more than all of that. As a musician which I have said so many times that I am not but maybe an entertainer, I am refreshed because of a sudden change. I am also feeling that urge to do a lot of things, music wise and thank God you will soon start to hear about it and the news will soon be in the air. All the young people that I am collaborating with, I don’t want to mention names, are people in vogue. I am doing a few things with some of them and it is exciting. For me, it is just to once again prove myself. I have always done that. Everything I set my mind to do, I am just going to be good at it and move on to other things that grab my attention.

What should your fans expect from you very soon?

They should expect pleasant surprises. They should expect the unexpected because in the Charly Boy Show anything can happen.

You’ve been so controversial on social media lately, what inspired it?

I think a lot, that is my job. I am a journalist. I talk about all the things that affect me, that affect my loved one, things that affect other people. So, I have always been talking since I became Charly Boy. I have always had opinions about somethings happening. First, I am a journalist and I keep telling you that before anything else. So, I write a lot. I am a social commentator of some sort. My job is to call the attention to the things that are awesome and to react when I see the things that are not good at all.

Can you tell us about your encounter with Jesus?

My encounter with Jesus was the freakiest moment, and if you read the piece I wrote, it is just saying that God really wants us to be real but the Nigeria perception about Jesus and how it works is just too Nigerian for my liking. They look at Jesus/God as babalawo or the pastors make some sacrifices and bring some money and goats and all the problems will disappear. It doesn’t happen like that and these days people are not going to church to nurture their spirituality. Rather, it is either they are looking for babies, wife or husband or promotion. It is all about the wrong reasons for being a Christian.

So, God was just telling me that in most of these churches they don’t have anything to do with Christ or God. They are there for business. I was wondering what does Jesus want from me? Is it for me to intensify my campaign for the hopeless, the downtrodden, people who have been consumed by this wickedness in the country. There are a lot of nice people who are losing their niceties because they don’t know what else to do. They are just hopeless.

Hopelessness is hanging over their head. They are frustrated, confused and they want to stay good because they were born good but they are losing their goodness.

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