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HELP! – Married man who got another married woman pregnant needs your advice


A reader who is in dire need of your candid advice, sent this in. Read below

Please keep my name private. I have a question I want you to ask the public and I need your candid advice too, I am a young business man and married, but along the line, I met this girl on IG, she was really pretty, always liking my post, so I strike by saying hello to her last year, we started communicating for just two weeks and we eventually met. I really like her and she also liked me alot more than i do, and she always compliment my looks, but she told me she was married and have a son who is two years old, she’s married to a politician but he is alot older than her and he doesn’t show her love or anything anymore because he also have other kids with another woman whom he was married to. 

 We became so close in a very little space of time, with started sleeping together  and within three months of knowing her she got pregnant for me, infact, I was always careful to cum inside her, but she would force me to cum on her each time, when I asked her why she would say no worries if anything happens, she would take care of it, in my heart, I thought taking care of it means making sure she doesn’t get pregnant, I didn’t know she needed another child so badly because her husband is having a health issues and he’s been told he can’t impregnate her anymore and she want one more child before giving up about having more kids. Now she has put to birth, I feel confused because she’s married and I am also. And she seems so comfortable like this is not wrong, and in my heart I feel pained that i did this to another man’s home and I can’t forgive myself. 


Please what do you advice me to do?



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