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Hip Hop-Themed Dinner Elevates Biggie and Tupac’s Favorite Foods

You’d be hard-pressed to find a hip-hop artist that hasn’t referenced food in their lyrics. But rarely, unless you’re dining at Ludacris’ Chicken + Beer or eating Chance the Rapper-made Nando’s wings, does food reference hip hop. That was the goal of Executive Chef Derek Simcik’s one-night-only themed dinner last Thursday at Seattle’s Scout PNW, a cozy, plaid-decked, regionally-sourced fare restaurant located in the boutique-y and chic, Puget Sound-facing Thompson hotel.

This wasn’t Chef Simcik’s first foray into themed concepts. He also made headlines for his tattoo art dinner and an entire meal paired with (legal in Washington) joints. The idea to plan a menu around hip-hop music came naturally. “There are always musicians who love food. Look at DJ Neil Armstrong’s Instagram, look at Questlove from The Roots, they’re always talking with chefs and talking about food. And you see it in all their lyrics, all over the place,” Simcik tells Food & Wine. “With stuff like cannabis there’s a stigma and tattoo artists have a stigma. So with hip hop, too, I wanted to elevate it and show it the respect that it’s due. I took the approach of doing something very high end, be that the technique or the ingredient.”


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