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See How a Soul-less Man Beat His Pregnant Lover To Stupor – (Viral Photos)

Raising your hands to hit a woman you once proffesed love for, shows that you have a ‘fish-brain’ and you don’t have the mental capacity to lead a home. Age, status, the size of your empire (that’s if you even have one) doesn’t make you a ‘man’.. you’re just a boy in a man’s body.


Abusing a woman has never been and will never be a sign of strength, it’s a sign of the direct opposite… weakness.
Just imagine what this Man turned this pretty woman into?

Please ladies, use your power of choice well. Marry a good man. Everything that glitters isn’t what it seems.

The truth is that most of time, the signs are there for you, but you ignore them.
Make your own money and stop being moved by money and gifts.

Still unbelievable that with today’s civilization you still think these things are proofs that a Man loves you.
Do you know that just one day beating can purge you of all the good things he’s ever got You?


Some of You have good men around you, who are willing to Worship you. Instead of marrying such men, you allow ego, greed and desperation to put you into the wrong hands.‎

Marriage is not a do-or-die affair.
Take your time and observe a Man.‎
Don’t just look at his actions, pay attention to his mindset. ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’

Watch his relationships with other females. Get him angry intentionally and watch his reaction. Sometimes push him to the wall. This is extremely important. Everything is not shopping, sex, show-offs. Don’t be afraid to lose him. What is yours will stay yours no matter what. Don’t stick to what will kill you.


This woman is lucky to even be alive.
Imagine a man beating up a woman during pregnancy. Such a bastard you say? But truth be told, the signs are always glaring, most of the time we choose to be blinded by ‘Love’.
Don’t be led by your greed and don’t be in a rush to get off the singles market. ‎
If you die, the man will get another woman from the same singles market.
So you lose on both sides.

I didn’t know that dinosaurs are still in existence. But this one proved they still exist.

Marry a Man not a boy.
There are good men everywhere, so don’t be deceived. 
It’s just that most of them come in seed form. You have to painstakingly discover and water them. But the sad truth is that everybody wants a ‘ready made’ grown tree to harvest from, yet they didn’t contribute a drop of water to such tree.

This journey of marriage is a loooooong one, what is the benefit of rushing into marriage, only to rush out again?

When you find a good man, stick to him.
Abundance of wealth is good, but it won’t guarantee you much happiness.

Avoid men that see women as slaves. And don’t remain in an abusive relationship no matter what. It’s not worth the risk, cause tomorrow is not guaranteed. If possible build with your man.
Especially a good man.

You reserve the exclusive right to make your choice, I hope you make the right choice.




Engr Mofe Van Zekins + Didi iDreamz 

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