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I thought of the perfect article to write on a Monday morning. I didn’t want to go down the cliche root of motivation for career and stuff.

A lot of people attribute Mondays to career success, hustle and bustle but I am telling you and you better believe me man! Today is the perfect day to be romantic to your girl. Why? Weekends are the cliche romantic days, you take her out, you basically have some hours to spend with her- cool but not as cool as this: Mondays are the busy days! the not-so-smiling days. Mondays are the days when they say, the boys are not smiling! I’m sure in some relationships there are no communications on Mondays!
(I honestly do not regard pings as communication-ugh) But really who is thinking about Love on Mondays? who really does have time to be moshy on Mondays? when I’m sure the  traffic gives you the first blow and then probably your boss gives you some other blows for the rest of the day.
But hey, it takes a little extra effort for you to be an unpredictable romantic man. I want you to be romantic this Monday to your girlfriend, or wife.

A TEXT (text and not PING please) can change everything. I choose a text because you maybe too busy to call, or she may even be so busy to pick calls right now but a text always works because no matter when she sees it, it can relate . Imagine you have jogged for a 100 kilometers, without water and under hot sun, now imagine when cold water is poured over your head and you even have some to drink- Imagine the big smile on your face, imagine how refreshed you will be. That’s what a text can do to both you and your partner on a day like this.  Yes, you are busy but take out some 20 seconds to type a nice text to her. Don’t worry I wont leave you stranded, I’ll help out. (you owe me)

Avoid texts like ‘What are you doing?’ if she’s working class as well. Most likely you might get a ‘Duhh’ answer . Also avoid ‘How are you’ of course you’d get an ‘I’m good’ and that may be it for the rest of the day!

Here’s a few:

– ‘Thinking of you makes my day easier (the perfect time to send this is now-morning peak period)

– ‘Have you had something to eat (send this a little over lunch time)

– ‘You know I love you right’ (anytime before evening)

– ‘Take a picture of you now and send to me (now!)

– ‘Cant wait to be home/ can’t wait to see you/no place like home  (evening)

– I miss you already (now!)

– * credit digits* (now!)

– Just want you to know, you bring out the best in me (afternoon odd times)

– Just a reminder that I’ve always got your back   (afternoon as well)

– One proof that God’s been good to me, is you by my side.  (afternoon)

– Thanks for loving me at my best and my worst.   (afternoon)

– *credit her account* I hope this something little can help get you something you’d really like this week. (Now!)

– The only thing that inspires me in this damn office is when I remember the reason I’m actually working my butt out- To give you and the kids the world you deserve. (afternoon odd time)

-I’m sorry, I know I got you mad. You got me mad too, but I love you anyway. We’d talk about it when I get home. (Now!)

– I still do not know what I did to deserve you (Now!)

– Hey Babes. Just checking. (Now!)

– I may not be sure of many things, but the one thing I know is that you’re my guy any day. (afternoon)

– Thanks for the food this weekend- It was great (Now!)

– I love you (Now!)

– *a hug/kiss/both smiley* (Now!)

 Well if you are not so busy- you may decide to call, but honestly i think the text thing would work better. calling is easier- but typing when she knows you are busy-that’s just sweet
Have a romantic Monday!

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: Written by Lowlade

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