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10 Ways To Spot A Womanizer In A Nigerian Banking Hall


A banking hall, which is obviously a friendly environment, is a place where not only monetary transactions are made but also where gimmicks and tactics are used to womanize I have been to various banks quite a number of times and below are the gimmicks and tricks normally used by guys to woo ladies who have either come to make cash deposit, withdrawal and make enquries in the banking halls.
That this write-up may seem to contain some element of exaggeration but I stand on the fact that not everyone caught up in these acts is an alleged womanizer. Without wasting time, these are the ways to spot womanizers in the banking hall:

1. They are usually pen Borrowers.
The best way to spot a womanizer in the banking hall is that he’s most likely to start a conversation with “can I borrow your pen?” even though he has his in his pocket; he will pretend he does not have one just to strike up a convo with that random lady that catches his fancy and from there, convo start be that.. You will hear something like, ooooooh !! I never knew such a pretty lady like you will lend her pen out to someone she barely knows; I actually thought you would bash me for not having one when I asked for your pen. From there, nah exchange of contacts

2. They allow Ladies beat the Queue.
They always give room for a beautiful girl the chance to stay in front of them even though she obviously just came in. The most annoying thing is that these guys will never give that chance to their fellow dudes, the aged, less privilege people and the disabled. I experienced this situation last week when people insulted a guy to have allowed a beautiful lady who just walked in beat the queue by allowing her in front of him. Instead of apologising, he was even using Oduduwa to swear that the lady took an excuse to pee and just returned to claim her position. I shock no be small.

3. They Talk Loudly during phone calls. Another way to spot a womanizer in the banking hall is that, in a bid to advertise himself, he would talk audibly loud while making phone call that everyone in the banking hall will hear him angrily talking to the person owing him a debt of N500k demanding that the money be sent before he’s forced to take legal/quick action against the supposed debtors.
This is done with the intention of enticing the ladies they want to strike convo with.

4. They are usually Story Tellers
Another way to spot a womanizer is that you will see him hissing and watching his wristwatch at regular intervals and will refer to the cashier as a lazy bone. However, he will heap loads of insults at the bankers and will start telling stories of how he went to Skye Bank last week and made a deposit of N10 million within a twinkle of an eye. They just want to give ladies the impression that they are well-to-do. At the end of the day, you might find them hovering at the bank premises looking for the lady they will approach.

5. They Fight in the Banking Hall. Yesterday, I was at a GTBank branch to withdraw, when I spotted this young dude shouting at the cashier and threatening to close down his account just because N200 was unjustly deducted from his account o. He began to rain insults on the cashier, bank manager, cleaners, messengers , guards, etc. The lady beside him started petting him to keep calm. After the whole scene, I was astonished when I saw him with the lady exchanging phone numbers at the gate of the bank. Smh

6. They become Patrick Obahiagbon when they spot Ladies.
Most womanisers in the banking hall always try to speak English in such a way that you will begin to wonder if they have ever murdered eba, amala or akpu in their entire existence. They speak just like Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon giving ladies the impression that they’ve come to withdraw millions of Naira, unknown to you that they have only come to withdraw the remaining 1k in their accounts. Even when they are caught withdrawing such meagre amount, they will accuse the ATM of network failure.

7. They are usually Biased.
This goes to the undisputed wominizing male bankers you see at the counter.
Most of them are nothing but chronic womanizers. To know them, you will see them frowning while attending to the male folks but smiling while attending to female customers. They sometimes insist that all the columns on the teller must be filled; particularly the phone number column. That’s where they scoop numbers from to start the parole. They are sometimes biased that they might even attend to a lady who’s not on the queue as long as she fine and set. Some go even leave their seats and escort a lady to the bus stop, meanwhile, other customers still dey wait oooo.

8. They spend more time in the Banking Hall.
Some of them can even sacrifice a whole day just to track a lady down. In fact, they will launch into BBM or whatsapp, calculatively using one eyes to focus on the lady and by the time she’s done with her transaction and steps out of the bank, they will chase her the way a konji-fied rooster chases a hen.

9. They ask Irrelevant Questions.
Some of them will enter into the banking hall, and they will go straight to a lady asking irrelevant question such as “please do you know if this bank accepts N20 note as deposit?. Some go even enter First Bank begin ask a lady “please do you know if customers are allowed to poo poo in the bank’s toilet?

10. Staring at a Lady’s bum on the queue. Some of them will be busy focusing on the ladies’ bums as if they should start bleeping her in the banking hall. In some cases, some of them move so close so as to have a feel of the bum, some will even cum when they can no longer control themselves. This doesn’t happen only in the banking hall with queues, it’s common with every queue. The next time you’re in a queue, watch out you go see wetin I dey yarn..

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