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Jerry Lewis’ cause of death revealed by Nevada coroner

Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis’ death Sunday was caused by a heart condition, the Clark County Nevada Coroner determined.

His cause of death is officially listed as ischemic cardiomyopathy, which occurs when the heart becomes unable to pump sufficient blood through the rest of the body due to a coronary artery disease.

An autopsy will not be conducted for Lewis, 91, who had a history of heart issues during his life. Lewis first suffered a heart attack in 1960 when he was 34 years old, and suffered at least two more in 1982 and 2006.

He also battled prostate cancer, Type 1 diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis and viral meningitis in his lifetime, and suffered a major back injury during a fall at a Las Vegas performance in 1965 that almost paralyzed him.

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