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Jesse Jagz Puts Sean Tizzle, Olamide On Full Blast


Talented rapper, Jesse Jagz was a guest on the recent episode of ‘Da Chat’ with HF TV where he spoke about his record label, Jagz Nation as the pioneer of ‘Nation’ in the Nigeria music industry.

Jesse Jagz while speaking with the interviewer, he came for YBNL Nation boss –Olamide; Tizzle Nation head honcho –Sean Tizzle and others using ‘Nation’ as their record label imprint. “Everybody now has nation, nation. Everybody is forming that they have fans,” Jago reacted.

“There are so many Nations, but Jagz Nation sounds nice; people should think, there are other things other than ‘Nation’,” the emperor as he’s also known said with a disgusting face.

Jesse Jagz further made himself clear by putting it straight that; “as long as you didn’t have fans that started Nation before me (and I have the proof), then be smart about it, there are many other synonyms for ‘Nation’, feel free to pick from it.”

Jesse Jagz’s fans have been referring to themselves as “Jagz Nation” years before the rapper officially launched his record label “Jagz Nation” in 2012. Sean Tizzle started “Tizzle Nation” imprint in year 2015, following his fight with his in-house music producer and Difference Entertainment CEO, D’Tunes, while Olamide who owns Yahoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL) Nation founded his independent record label in 2012.

Born Jesse Garba Abaga, Jesse Jagz has been described as Nigeria’s Kanye West for being rebellious and his flirtatious experimentation with different genres of music.

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