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Kim Kardashian Faces $100M Lawsuit For Breach of #Kimoji Contract

The celebrity reportedly backed out of the deal citing sharing of her personal information. Her partner insists this is a fraud.

A lawsuit has reportedly been filed against the social media celebrity Kim Kardashian West over her alleged dropping out from a contract regarding her brand of emojis (named Kimojis).

According to a report by TMZ, the celebrity struck a deal with a software developer David Liebensohn to create a Kimoji phone app in 2014, with a 60 percent cut of the profit going to Liebensohn and his partners. At the time of the deal, Kim insisted she would file trademark paperwork herself, TMZ reports.

The developer’s lawsuit states, however, that shortly thereafter, Kardashian accused one of Liebensohn’s partners of sharing some portion of her personal information and backed out of the deal.

The lawsuit also says the celebrity tried to pressure Liebensohn into dropping the lawsuit, but he refused. The developer states that Kim was aware of the alleged sharing of her personal information even before the deal was struck, so the entire ordeal is merely an excuse.

The lawsuit seeks $100 million for breach of contract, fraud and the profits Liebensohn believes he’s lost by being left out of the Kimoji project, TMZ reports.

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