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Managing Director, Ciscon Nigeria Ltd, Allegedly Declares War On Staff [Photos]


The Managing Directior, Shawiey Coker, of Ciscon Nigeria Limited today allegedly declared war on his staff by hiring a platoon of mobile policemen to harass and intimidate them for demanding payment of their salaries.

The staff of Ciscon had demanded for their salary after not being paid for over three months and upon the discovery that some money had been paid into the Company’s foreign account for services rendered. The unpaid staff who did these jobs requested that the MD inform them on when he would pay as they are aware the money is available.

Based on the Advice of the Human Resource Manager, Chioma Ken Oshionya and the Deputy General Manager, Martins Akhimien ; the MD invited the members of the anti-riot squad to intimidate the staff for their audacity to ask for their salaries even after 3 months of not being paid. Anti-Riot mobile police men over 15 stormed into the compound with weapons and caused a stir among staff.

Knowing the possible result of their action, the MD himself, the HR manger and the other GM absented themselves from work today and switched off their phones expecting there to be a fracas. The staff maintained law and order, went about their duties and avoided any form of confrontation with the mobile police.
Managing Director, Ciscon Nigeria Ltd, Allegedly Declares War On Staff [Photos]

It is sad that Ciscon management is being poorly advised to fight and attack his staff who have helped him build a great empire rather than dialogue with them. This shows the callousness of the MD, the HR Manager and the DGM, the do not care to spill the blood of the staff.

This last intimidation tactic is the latest in a series of crackdown on Staff since they joined the union. Several attempts have been made to railroad the efforts of staff to get justice but Justice will surely prevail. A few weeks ago, the management locked out the staff in attempt to intimidate them but the staff instead picketed the company.

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