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Ministry Of Health Denies Ebola Appeared In Calabar


The Federal Ministry of Health has denied reports that the deadly Ebola virus has once again surfaced after rumors in Cross River, Calabar.

The ministry’s permanent secretary, Linus Awute, said that though the rumors were being investigated, there was no Ebola in the country.

“We are also going to organize a press conference today. You know the news and rumours of Ebola in Calabar…,” Mr. Awute stated on Friday.

“As usual, we decided to go ahead of the rumour, even though we can authoritatively say there’s no Ebola in Nigeria but this is a scientific thing, and you don’t just wake up and say that.”

15 people have already been quarantined at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, including one doctor and 9 nurses.

“You have to be different from the public,” he said.

“So we have to take the scientific approach to such rumour, going on locus to Calabar and all that, taking samples, observing the required public health protocols and then going to our reference laboratories.”

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