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Montaigne Place Unveils One Of The World’s Most Niche & Luxurious Scents- ‘Histoires de Parfums’!


‘Niche Is the New Luxury’… This is the trend at Montaigne Place as they continually up their ante with releases of very exclusive luxury fragrances, reinforcing their position as the Leading Luxury Skincare, Fragrance, Cosmetics and Well-being Company in Nigeria.

This week the brand unveils the Histoires de parfum collection, available in few luxury perfumeries worldwide.

HISTOIRES de PARFUMS offers an olfactory library experience, one which expresses stories in scent about famous personalities, opulent raw materials and iconic years.  Histoires de Parfums’ fragrances continue the French know-how of making the finest perfumes, whose fea¬tures are luxury, nobility and creativity.  It maintains the highest qualitative standards in the choice of its raw materials as well as in the choice of the bottles and packaging.

THE CREATOR: The collection created by Gerald Ghislain in 2000 is governed by inspirations drawn from his trips and encounters.

“Some people make lightly-scented perfumes, but not me; I want my clients to have a full perfume-wearing experience. We wear perfumes not only for ourselves, but for those around us as well, so what’s the point of creating a perfume no one can smell” – Gerald Ghislain

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