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‘An Ode to Melanin’ an Editorial Shoot by The Alfe

Rising Nigerian photographer Femi Alabede aka The Alfe releases a beauty editorial titled An Ode to Melanin – Celebrating the dark skinned girl on BN Beauty. The photographer accompanies the shoot with a poem dedicated to the dark skinned girl.

Dear dark-skinned girl,
You are beautiful,
The colour of coffee with no cream,
Dark like the bittersweet chocolate,
Caramel-coated coquette, honey dipped.
Full of vigour, full-lipped and full bodied
Full dark-skinned and exquisite majestic even with your brown-black self!
From the tint in your skin to the thickness of your hair, you are perfect.
You are Melanin perfect.

Check out the shoot

Photography: Femi Alabede| @the.alfe
Models: Omowunmi Williams @omo_w | Eniola Lawal @eniola_lawal
Makeup: Aphorodite Beauty Hub | @aphroditebeautyhub

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