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Opinion: Nigeria and the Citizens of MUMU Republic – @Ogundamisi


If those who stole from #Nigeria including some in today’s govt return JUST 30% of what they stole, we wont need to SELL NATIONAL ASSETS.

NO they wont go for what is easy, they would rather use the money they stole to buy the National Assets and RESCUE us from them and then Like the Danjuma’s of this world donate some of the proceeds from the National Assets they bought from the stolen funds.

Then they ‘donate’ a fraction to the Internally Displaced Persons they created by stealing from #Nigeria and the Citizens of MUMU Republic will praise them for being such kind hearted philanthropist and the same people will head the committees to supervise the distribution of the funds raised from our commonwealth.

Why are we such suckers for stupidity? It must be the Nigerian Sun. No it must be the contaminated waters of Rivers Niger and Benue. Nah it must be that we are just a people who love being ****d and lied to.

Kayode Ogundamisi

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