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PDP And The Rest Of Us, Cries Of Persecution- An Overkill – @bickerstethjimi


One cannot horsewhip a recalcitrant and incorrigible child, and expect him or her not to cry.
In this wailing period of strident, cold, logical, warm and or intuitive arguments against the fight against corruption, the beneficiaries have mounted their guards, and this is the very challenge of the fight against fleece.
I know, often a fiery argument is really about something other than the event that ignited it. The PDP’s purpose of stirring controversy about the ongoing prosecutions and investigations (never mind, they see it as persecution), around the house of filthy lucre it left behind. But to a discerning nation, it is not only a straw in the wind, but also a faint stirrings of revolution, from what used to be.

I am so sure they are sincerely galled, just like every other right thinking person within the Nigeria political space  supporting the principles of a Republic, about the state of the nation.(By the way, the Hon. Minister of Information should find the time to resuscitate the now moribund state of the nation’s address and the Media Chat to douse the ill feelings and tension and rumours and untruths generated by misinformation).

The government should admire their openness and sincerity, in spite of the inherent theatrics and politics, for in the garb of criticism, all of their arguments, thinly veiled, like a thin mist veiled the lake, agreed that things were not what they used or are supposed to be and the Republic has been grounded like a vandalised aircraft in a disused airport, because of large scale corruption and mindless fleece.
The barrage of criticism must have been goaded by the feeling and understanding of how difficult it is to survive for gobsmacked Nigerians, tens of millions of who are still living on or below the breadline, and unable to keep their heads above water,   and a government attempting to offer economic help as a goad to political reform.

You do not need to be told that the negative impact of this brickbats affect all economic levels of the society. Scores of millions of our compatriots, ever struggling to shake the tree of life and bring down fruits unheard of and who has been consigned eternally to go through numbing pain, that hurt so deeply,so badly, that words cannot describe but shows on the weariness etched in their deeply circled dark eyes.

The PDP should feel so bad and sad for the countless number of victims of their haranguing politics and policies, that has forced the people to go through such a roller coaster glide of worry, despair, insecurity, joblessness, hunger and grief;who nonetheless, kept up faith and hope in a better Nigeria.

The arms purchase scandal, being the latest in the unexpected appearance of a dog on stage,  caused much mirth among Nigerians, and in its mischief, the PDP actors, rightly or wrongly,proposed that since there’s no way in the world that AK47 could raise a people,even if we have the guns and bullets, what good will it do to a people who hardly know how to use toilet paper, not to speak of pen and pencil. I have to say that,but they’ve got to be taught. They’ve got to learn what the choices are before they can make them,which is better option than sharing the money.

The PDP know it deceived Nigerians, when they promised that they were going to deploy talents. But which it sparingly dispensed,in the process,it made  Mr Jonathan became a caricature of himself, trying to be himself rather than be himself. His critics,  on the burden he’s forced to bear on his personal mien,  to the teeming anthill of scorn, are not wrong after all, and his era of double-speak,”stealing is not corruption”, and fence straddling supervision of fleece,  boldly states his creed, and with an ego roughly the size of the nation’s debt.

Ambition and drive keep the successful person on what’s ahead not what has happened. PMB,you have a world to capture, most people know how to bear adversity, but if you will know what a man really is,give him power. I think it is incumbent upon you to be concerned about the world you will leave behind and your place in history,  you must arrest the slides; let them say .

Having said that, it is said a people deserve the leader they get,so,compatriots, lighten up. We should all laugh more at ourselves, at our foibles and follies, after all we all savour little foibles, come on, laugh at yourselves, and if you can’t laugh at yourselves, aok,laugh at me, laughing for you.

PDP and pocket of sympathisers that benefited in the scams all around the nation, have a right to be heard,for what they are worth,opinions in the light of guilt. You think about it, the amount of crime we tolerate in this country is unbelievable. The way we approach the rights of accused criminals has changed so much. Every so often, the courts rules and society grants all kinds of new rights to criminals, and with each ruling there’s increasingly less concern for crime victims and potential victims.

A damning exposè of corruption in the outgone administration, rightly or wrongly certainly puts Good luck in bad light. If any person running a business were to run afoul, you can bet he would be hauled into court pronto.
PMB over to you. Nigerians have an inalienable right to know,and you have a corresponding will to tell. Webster’s defines a”right” as”something to which one has a just claim”. It is therefore not trite to say that,only animals don’t think about right and wrong, why,because,they exist in the anarchical state of nature:survival of the fittest. Animals often treat each other with no respect,and they have no redress, apply the human intervention in this rudderless cruise that has landed the nation nowhere.

It doesn’t take Einstein to answer the posers raised by PDP apologists and the winding and arrogant postulation,  and attempting to teach right from wrong certainly won’t do.  Nigerians cannot simply accept that certain people are going to be criminals and there’s nothing we can do about it- we just have to learn to be tolerate it and live with it, rather than deal with crime and stop it. Rather than punish criminals appropriately and effectively, we rationalise and excuse their lawless behaviour. Excusing people from the penalties of the criminal system is at best a prescription for anarchy and chaos.

An orderly society cannot be achieved or maintained if we allow people to do whatever they wish and want to do,with no regard for anything but their own pleasure. We can no longer excuse people from all personal responsibility for their actions,which often negates the requisite criminal intent,or mens rea,as lawyers call it.
Hence, we must hold accountable all who have shown they lack the capacity to meet a minimum level of responsibility. We must insist by mass action on the exercise of personal responsibility and restraint by those capable of exercising it.

On the cases of corruption Nigerians demand swift and certain justice. Build more prisons, if we have to force incarcerated executhieves/legislathieves criminals to work and pay off the expenses of building the extra prisons and cut down on all the luxuries criminals have in prisons that a lot of honest working population can’t afford. Jail is not supposed to be pleasant. That’s why it’s called punishment.

PMB has the benefit of hindsight and has navigated the maze of physical and emotional changes. Ideally, he should be in the best of prime position to guide and lead through the maze of governance. Criticism is part of life. His every move is going to be microscope- watched and will be constantly critiqued. True, criticism and commands may get in one’s nerves, because,criticism- even when carefully thought out and delivered in a kind way- may trigger resentment. You must be cool of spirit, and try hold back your emotions,,know that if you sift and apply the nugget of wisdom in any criticism you receive ,you gain a treasure worth more than gold.

Nigeria would not be the first to go through such a devastating era, but it is a new dawn. The nation can’t remain stuck on this side of the chasm, we can build some bridges; build on our strengths, talents. When the storm is over, Nigeria will emerge a beauty. We can adjust to the milestone. But one thing is sure:there is so much work to be done and there’s no safe way either to speed up or to delay the process of comeback, so instead of greeting the changes and the sacrifices that are bound to come with hostility and fear, Nigerians should accept the coming challenges graciously and with some sense of humour, and not shift in to crisis mode, as its effects may leave callouses on our minds and hearts.

Jimi Bickersteth is a blogger and writer.
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