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Photos of 4 Wizkid’s Directors That Have Possibly Slept With Linda Ikeji


Today was just another Sunday until around 11am.

Wizkid set the internet ablaze after he went on Linda Ikeji’s page to write many unprintable things about her over there. Read it all here

The biggest punchline for us is Wizkid saying his director slept with Linda Ikeji, left her hanging at the hotel because her Vag!na stinks. Ermmmm..

So who could be the director Wizkid is referring to? Let’s see!



Sesan Ogunro is very likely to be the man that leaked information to Wizkid about having a one night stand with Linda Ikeji because they are very close and often hang out.

Sesan is also from an affluent background which means he an afford Linda to some extent. He is handsome and hunky – a feature Linda doesn’t hide her admiration for.

The biggest hint that he is the one is the fact that Linda Ikeji broke the news of Sesan’s father’s death in 2013.

The jury is still out on who told Wizkid Linda Ikeji stinks.

Moe Musa


Moe Musa is another possible director that has seen beneath Linda Ikeji’s beautiful.

Moe Musa directs for Wizkid, mostly his UK located video, like Caro & Ginger. He is also quite strapped with $.

It is unlikely Musa is the man but then he is a “Wizkid director”.

Clarence Peters


Clarence shot the music video for the biggest song of Wizkid’s career, Ojuelegba.

He is the most hardworking Nigerian video director so some time off with a woman of Linda Ikeji’s caliber is never a bad thing to do.

announce any woman to the entertainment scene. Could Linda be the woman? It is not impossible although he doesn’t look like someone that “kiss and tell”

Banky W


Banky W is yet to direct a video for Wizkid but Wizkid didn’t say “video director”, he said “director”.

Truth be told, Banky W directed Wizkid’s career for more than half a decade so this link up with Linda could have happened around that time.

Wizkid might just be doing us no favors by using the word director and not “former boss”.

But who told Wizkid that Linda Ikeji’s Vag!na stinks? We continue to investigate

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