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Poetry: ” Fireflies ” – @iamheadrush_


These words to you are based on no lies

For when we lock eyes, sparks fly

From these feelings, we can’t deny

These tiny bubbles in our tummy takes us higher like butterflies

We hold hands, our smile lights our path like fireflies

When you say hi, all I wanna do is kiss you in reply

Put your smile in high supply, with all the love we can apply

If these are just words, then let me show you beyond a lie

Let these feelings multiply, when you and I comply

It’s a midnight blues with me, you can’t be shy

The way you roll that body, gat me hypnotized I must confess, you blow my mind

These things you do to me, I can’t deny

Baby girl, you one of a kind

Lemme put you on a grind, I ain’t a sly

Put your passion to the test, we ride or die.

Written By: iamheadrush

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