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Poetry Session: “God” by @iamheadrush_



To the start of the day
We say a prayer, so our words will never sway
With our hearts full of fears, tears, wondering if this struggle will ever go way
So we steadfast, head high with high hopes, wondering if the rays of the sun would stay
Or will the rain pour heavy like the weather of May
In the quest to find our daily bread
We loose sight of what’s important and so we let grow our beards
As a reminder of what’s important
But still, nobody cares about these thoughts I import into words
Talk about these lifestyles I can’t afford
Still wondering why we can’t work in one accord
When we don’t know how high but wish our prayers reaches the most high God
These feelings, that goes unrequited; words we let go in restitution, actions that are just acts
Mind so heavy, full of all these accomplishments we yarn for and so I ask

Who listens when we pray
Who pulls the strings of the world as we struggle today
Will you show your face
I don’t want to wait wait, wait ’til I die
Wait wait, wait for my eyes to close
Smile on your child’s own nose
God has a face

Weighing my loses against the profit I have gained
I’m just a broken heart wrapped with a smile, tryna live with the pain
God knows there is a plan, watch the sun set after the rain
Things were less than same, sometimes more than we bargained.
As the day rolls over, we wonder if the pay justifies the work
Or will it be a shame, if we take a walk from it all
And aspire that our passions will pay
What if night falls and we never get to see today
Putting our faith in the hope of a better tomorrow
And watch the violent ones take it by force like there’s no tomorrow
No longer will we be held down by these sorrows
No longer will the works of our hands be over shadowed
All these and lot more hurdles our way
And so we say a prayer to the end of the day.

Written By:  
                      ….hdrh (@iamheadrush_)


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