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Poetry Session: ” The Chase ” by @iamheadrush_


The Chase

He loved her from the very start
She guarded closely her heart
He hoped that someday are like the first
First like the day he set eyes on her heart
She thought they all like the last

She never forgot the last
He paid the price even though he was the next
She thought he was just like the rest
Rest with sugar-coated tongue but weightless
He needed but one chance to show his best

He has on everyday his Sunday best
She saw his actions as nothing but an act
He set out each day to prove his heart
Heart so fickle, he loved a woman like a lil girl
She had her heart so broken not to care

She said, I been hurt by one too many
He said, let me help you unhurt from any
She said, I’ve heard those words one too many
Many times over, those words hold no meaning
He said, I can only but show you

He said, I’d love you the best that I could
She said, how can I trust you would
He said, give me the benefit of doubt
Benefit of doubt, that what I can do, I’ll do
She said, what if you can’t do

He said, fuck it, I will try.

Written by: iamheadrush (@iamheadrush_)
Image: headrush/canstock

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