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Poetry Sessions: “Tender Loving Care” by @iamheadrush_

Tender Loving Care

Its been a long day

And this is me asking, how you dey?

See you looking all stressed out

Far from the beauty that started your day

Out came the beast that made it through the day

Come sit beside me

Come tell me all about your day

The ups and the downs like the weather of May

We sit here and cuddle

A kiss on your forehead as I whisper, it be okay

Lemme pour you a bath

Something warm like your heart

Lemme pour you a glass

Something cold like the night

Lemme me put your shoulders to rest

Something to release this stress

The soft feel of thy skin

The warm feel of the morning sun

The curve of thy lips

The whisper of a thousand love songs

As you lay down beside me

Let go of your worries, troubles and inhibitions

Lay it all on me, like you just don’t care

Let me be your Tender Loving Care.

iamheadrush | Poet, Lyricist, Writer, WordPlay Enthusiast, Rapper | twitter: @iamheadrush_ | insta: iamheadrush | Youtube/G+: iam headrush | keek: iamheadrush

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