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Seven Reasons Your Man Will Not Come Home This Weekend (No. 5 Will Shock You)

By Jane Efagwu and Damilola Olatubosun

Most men live in a world were intuition rules their every action. And when this happens, their reactions may not be anticipated.

Consequently, there are reasons men may not desire the companionship of their partners, especially when the weekend comes. Some of the following may be the reason your man will not come home this weekend and other weekends.

He has a nagging spouse: Let’s face it. Men hate women who nag. Taking care of a family is stressful enough and no one needs a nagging spouse to top it all off. Once a man’s wife starts to nag, his presence in the house starts to lag.

He is busy with work: When you have a man who is busy 24/7 as husband, you might have to get used to his absence as a wife and if you’re also busy 24/7 with your career as woman too then that’s a story for another day.
He has another woman: Probably the most obvious reason on the list, it’s also the most controversial. If a man has another woman then he’s going to be an absentee in his own home. For obvious reasons, the other woman might need some attention.

There must have been a fight: When there’s a brief misunderstanding in a relationship, most men tend to stay away and wait for the atmosphere to calm down. They don’t want to have arguments and hear shouts so they stay away for a while.

He just feels like: Yeah you read that right! A man can stay away from his home simply because he feels like. He wants to hang with the boys or breathe some new air outside his home or he just wants to check out a new bar. Whatever the reason, men feel like they can do whatever, whenever so they do it!

He is being stalked by his own wife! As mentioned before, men love to have their own freedom and privacy. When his wife keeps trying to play FBI on him like they are in a James Bond movie, the man has no choice but to be an absentee. Men hate their women searching for what’s not lost.

Criticism and Comparison: Comparison, they say, is the thief of joy. But what they forget to add is that it’s the thief of a woman’s man too. Just kidding but when a woman constantly compares her husband to other husbands then she’s verbally escorting the man out of his own house. She’s asking him to take a leave and he will.

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