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Some doubts about the Chibok abduction | #BringBackOurGirls

I was on my bed this evening immersed with the thoughts of my fellow Chibok sisters that were reportedly kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram almost 39 days ago.

I started playing the likely images of that days event in my mind. It became confusing after I started placing the story together. I started to ask if the phenomenon really occurred.

Check out the following scenarios I played:

1) Two trucks came into the school. How did they come in? Where was the security man? where is his confession?

2) The state was under emergency rule at the time. How did they drove around town without suspicion without screams from the little girls?

3) At the school, what about the hostel wardens? Where is their confession?

4) Can you imagine how long it will take to load over two hundred girls onto a truck? Were they not screaming? Couldn’t the staff present call the Nigeria Police?

5) Over two hundred students missing, where are their parents? We are talking about over 500 parents.

6) We learnt that they were sighted in three different Boko Haram camps thee days ago. Okay where are they now? What is the Nigeria military waiting for?

7) Some of the students claimed they jumped out of the vehicle at different stops. Are we saying thT there are no witnesses?

I do not doubt the truth behind this painful abduction of our Nigerian sisters but I cannot get this images of my mind. I am starting to doubt.

Politicians can be tricky and can create controversies where non exist #BringBackOurGirls

: Nairamode

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