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Sound Sultan A Liar – Sean Tizzle Says


Sean Tizzle Brands Sound Sultan A Liar – Singer, Sean Tizzle, has been a bit silent in the industry and he simply has been working on new sounds and trying to keep up with the pace in the buzzing music industry.

The singer, who stated that he is still doing his thing ready to hit the stage again in a recent interview with HFtv, addressed a long standing issue which he has kept silent about for a long time. The issue he addressed was about his hit song ‘Sho le’ which Sound Sultan claimed he was the writer of the song and not Sean Tizzle. Sean Tizzle explained that the reason why Sound Sultan claimed responsibility for the song was because they were having issues together and the song was written as and whenhe was still with Sultan but finished it when he left him and that prompted Sound Sultan claiming the credit. “I write my stuff, some part of the song was recorded when I was with him, and when I left, I decided to finish it and drop it as a single. So he came back [and said] he wrote the song.”

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