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Staying Trendy In African Ankara Prints

It’s quite popular rule among working class people and firms that you dress corporately on mondays or everyday of the week except Fridays although it might not seem like your regular 9-5 outfit especially in the beginning of the week but Ankara is the new fashion trend.

People make chokers,shoes,belts etc, basically Ankara can be used for anything. And I found out some firms actually allow it, so if its allowed at your place of work or you are self employed, Today is your lucky day.

So here are different ways you could wear it as;

Ankara As A Skirt

Ankara As A Jumpsuit

This is very chic, if you’re your own boss this is definitely a look for you to rock.

Ankara As A Jacket

This is super corporate, with the right combination of skirt or trouser, you’re good to go.

Ankara As An Off shoulder Top

Ankara As An Off shoulder Dress

Hot right?

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