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Sweet! Beyonce and Jay Z Share Raunchy Kiss On #FormationWorldTour ‘s Final Performance


Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour had its final show in East Rutherford, New Jersey yesterday. It was a big night: Beyoncé performed “6 Inch,” which trended on Twitter because people were so excited she played it.

Serena Williams took the stage with her to perform “Sorry”.

Kendrick Lamar did “Freedom” with her.

And Kendrick?!
— Mariel Tyler (@MarielETyler) October 8, 2016
Those were all significant moments, but perhaps the most talked about one was Jay Z’s appearance on stage with Bey for the first and only time all tour. Since the beginning of the Formation run, Beyoncé’s husband had watched from the sidelines as she performed an album largely speculated to be about him (his cheating, her processing of it, and their reconciliation). Tonight, he performed with her. They did their duet of “Drunk in Love” and the crowd went nuts.

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All the feels between Bey and her bae ߘ͠
— Mariel Tyler (@MarielETyler) October 8, 2016
“Give it up for my man!” Beyoncé told them as they wrapped. And then Jay and Bey had a long kiss, and her smile said all you need to know about their relationship these days.

It was the sweetest finale—and with any luck, a foreshadow to what her next act will be: that long-rumored joint album with him.

Bey’s last moments of the tourߒհߒBeyonce #FormationWorldTour
— Mariel Tyler (@MarielETyler) October 8, 2016


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