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MUST READ: Before You Marry An Igbo Girl, Here are 5 important Things To Consider

If you are a tourist stepping on the shores of Nigeria for the first time, then there is the likelihood that one or two of the girls that would draw your attraction would be Igbo. This is because ladies from this major tribe in Nigeria are beautiful and attractive with their fair and silky skin. They are rare gems and real beauty to behold. Igbo girls are found in almost ... Read More »

Cinderella Story: Remember the Nigerian girl who posted photo of man asking who he was? She is engaged to him!

Ify Yvonne Mkparu who goes by the Instagram name Naija goddess posted a photo of a man named Chris Madu asking his identity. Well, they got engaged yesterday. The bride-to-be shared photos from the proposal on Instagram and wrote: “I said YES to my Prince Charming! I thank God for the man of my DREAMS. From the first day I met @chrismzone he has made me feel like a QUEEN. ... Read More »

10 Disgraceful Ways Nigerian Guys Approach Ladies in Public Places

This is a hilarious post by a Nigerian comic writer which mocks the attitude of Nigerian young men when they flirt with ladies. As we all know that approaching a lady could be quite difficult as it takes a lot of strategies, persuasion and boldness. Some dudes try to bypass these strategies using awkward and disgraceful approaches which are discussed below: 1. Whistling This rural way of approaching ladies is ... Read More »

10 ‘Bro Code’ Commandments Every Man Must Follow

Since the year is gradually speeding off, it just feels right to remind all my fellow guys about the golden rules of dealing with your buddies. As a focused man, there are bro codes you need to adhere to when matters concerning your close friends come into play. These rules help in creating harmony and crisp co-existence. Here are 10 bro code commandments you should always follow. No matter what ... Read More »

7 things Nigerian ladies expect you to do while toasting them (Guys Take Note)

The men of this generation do not know how to read in between the lines when dealing with women. They expect everything to play out smoothly and easily when they meet some Nigerian ladies. Nigerian ladies on the other hand have too much integrity they can hardly bear with putting a strand of it at stake. They enjoy the constant attention they get from men even though they know what ... Read More »

These are 12 Things That Matter More to Women Than Your ‘Pr!ck’ Size

You’re completely wrong if you think that your manhood is the only thing women think highly of. In fact, these 12 things matter more. There a lot of things I don’t understand about men. But maybe the thing I don’t understand the most is why they care so much about how big (or small or medium or whatever) their p*nis is. I just don’t get it! The thing is hidden ... Read More »

10 sizzling kissing facts and get your burn on

Little did you know going under the mistletoe could be a workout? Check out these 10 sizzling kissing facts and get your burn on! • French kissing involves all 34 muscles in the face; a pucker kiss only involves two. • The orbicularis oris, aka the “kissing muscle,”allows the lips to pucker. • When kissing, your heart beats faster, more oxygenreaches your brain and oxytocin — the “love hormone” — ... Read More »

Reasons Why Ladies Feel Too Important And Arrogant

In as much as body nobi firewood and we know that nature has designed it in such a way that men naturally gets attracted to the opposite se.x, but you will agree with me that too much of everything is truly bad. When a guy lacks self control whenever he sees a girl and start reasoning with his joystick all the time instead of his brain, then you know that ... Read More »

Things to Know Before Dating a Man Who Has a Child/Children

You just met this whom you think is perfect for you. You both get along well and you get the impression he is being serious about turning your friendship into a romantic relationship. You feel everything is going right with this guy except for one thing…he has a kid or a couple of them. This makes everything complicated already and you are confused about the situation. These situations can be ... Read More »

Ladies Only: Dating your friend’s ex

You shouldn’t let your friend’s grievances stop you from dating someone you like doesn’t matter if it’s your friend’s ex. Many people say ‘never date your friend’s ex-boyfriend’ and how it breaks the girl code. But according to relationship and life coach Marie Dubuque, it all depends on the situation between your friend and her ex You shouldn’t let your friend’s grievances stop you from dating someone you like doesn’t ... Read More »

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