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 Thank you for opening the link! I thought of the perfect article to write on a Monday morning. I didn’t want to go down the cliche root of motivation for career and stuff. A lot of people attribute Mondays to career success, hustle and bustle but I am telling you and you better believe me man! Today is the perfect day to be romantic to your girl. Why? Weekends are ... Read More »

12 Ways To Tell If She’s Flirting, Or Just Being Friendly

You like a girl and think she’s flirting with you, but when you make a move, she shoots you down. What went wrong? You probably misread the signs. So, you met a girl at a party and spent all night chatting. You sense that you’re hitting it off and want to take things to the next level. You finally muster up the courage to ask her out on a date—or, ... Read More »

12 Dangerous Warning Signs That Mean Your Relationship Is DOOMED

The end is nigh. For many couples, the road of a relationship eventually comes to a giant fork — one direction headed to happily ever after, and the other ending in heartbreak. When this fork comes, it’s perfectly natural to wonder how to know when to breakup. After all, calling it quits too early can leave you wallowing in regret and wondering what could have been. No one — not ... Read More »

Torn Between Two Lovers? Here Is How To Choose…

A lot of people say you cannot love two people at the same time. This is completely false. You can love two people, but the kinds of love could be different. Humans are very complex beings and it is very easy to have two people in your life who fulfill different, yet equally important needs for you. But choosing one to spend the rest of your life with can get ... Read More »

7 ‘bad girl’ behaviours men love in women

Wale the rapper said in a song where he featured Rihanna; “Bad Girls ain’t no good, but good girls ain’t no fun” Bad girls are nothing but trouble, but you don’t have to be a bad girl to have some traits of a bad girl. It’s OK – you don’t actually have to be a bad girl. If you did, 95% of the women reading this article could just stop ... Read More »

7 Ways to Emotionally Satisfy a Woman

Dear men, believe us when we tell you, it is no rocket science to keep your lady emotionally happy. Use your brain tool well to gather cues from what your woman wants of you. There will be times when she would be very demanding or short-tempered, but then there might be days when she would shower all her love and attention on you. So, here is a plan outlined for ... Read More »

The Rules Of Dating Again – 5 Things You Should Know

Sometimes it seems like you’re just one step away from getting someone attracted to you, and if you just push a little bit harder, the person will finally start to “get it” and want you back. It’s hard to admit it to yourself, but this feeling is just an illusion. It’s too bad life isn’t more like a romantic comedy, because unlike in movies, any drastic gestures you try to ... Read More »

5 Tips To Choose Your Life Partner

1. Know yourself This step is very important if you really want to choose the right partner. You have to know yourself. Some people are searching in all corners of the earth for their soulmate but come back in vain. One of the reasons of that failure is that the bachelor did not ask himself. So the, before loving someone, before making your choice on the right guy or girl ... Read More »

The 20 Commandments For Every Lady

1. Thou shall not date any guy out of sympathy. It is not worth it. It has never worth the pain. Ladies beware! 2. Thou shall not do revenge relationship a.k.a let me show my boyfriend I can flirt too. Ladies, that is inflicting more injuries on yourself 3. Thou shall not depend on any man for your daily needs. It has brought more pains than joy to some ladies. ... Read More »

+18 STORY – Ekaette: My Sweet Oga (must read)

Wriiten by deolu for  Please , your comments will be massively appreciated… Na only me help madam carry her bag enter the car, the mumu driver dey there, dey look me as I dey struggle with am, the guy don try toast me since. Anytime, madam send am come house to carry somtin, he go try toast me say make I marry am, who wan marry that mumu dirty ... Read More »

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