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Memo to All You Ladies Looking for Super Rich Men to Marry (MUST READ)

Dear Readers, This is a story of a Happily Married woman from Port Harcourt. I am writing this in respect to the post of a young man yesterday seeking for a relationship. I married a total stranger But today I’m living with my God given husband…. It was four years ago when I was read such on Facebook. Out of curiosity I called and his romantic voice caught me up. ... Read More »

After 77 Years Of Marriage, Loving Couple Holds Hands As They Drift Off To Heaven Together

awm In the picture, the elderly couple hold hands as they lie in hospital beds adjacent to each other. After the picture went viral, the Reddit user added: “I know they are my grandparents. But this picture is seriously the saddest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Thousands of other social media users agreed. The picture was liked more than 5000 times and generated nearly 1500 comments to date. “Sorry for ... Read More »

9 Reasons Women Stay With Cheating Husband

Janet and her two children kept cuddling on the bed while her husband’s phone rang for the seventh time in five minutes. It was a Saturday afternoon. Soon enough, the sound became “deafening” and she had to answer the call to tell the person to call back in few minutes when he would have finished in the bathroom. “The contact of the person calling was saved as ‘James office’ so ... Read More »


Illustrative Photos A woman has narrated the ugly battle she fought with a private University student who was sleeping with her husband and taunting her alongside her friends. A woman from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria has recounted her ordeal in the hands of her unfaithful husband who infected her with STDs. In her letter to Joro Olumofin, she explained a violent lesson she taught one of the private University ... Read More »

How To Calm Down An Angry Husband

Unlike the female counterpart, it is easier to cool an angry husband, you don’t need to go on 50days dry fasting because the weapon to cool them lies within you the wife. Men are just one funny being created to make life easier for women. If you want to cool him just do one or all of these: 1. Prepare to tell him how much he means to you: Women ... Read More »

Top 8 Kissing Mistakes You Make

When it comes to kissing, there is a thin line between nailing it and failing it. It may be the most beautiful form of intimacy but it can turn out to be a failure if you commit these common kissing mistakes. Here are some kissing dos and don’ts: 1. Sloppy is a floppy! A French kiss is a total thumbs up but refrain your special moment from turning into a ... Read More »

People who fart in front of their partners have a more lasting relationships!!!

Surely this article’s title caught your attention because it is something peculiar to think that something like a fart can get to strengthen a relationship. But we can say openly that farting in front of your partner can get the relationship to last throughout life. Usually, doing unpleasant things in front of their partner is something that people often avoid, because we want to show the best of ourselves to ... Read More »

Marry A Beautiful Woman For The Sake Of Your Children – Mr Ibu Advices Men

Comic actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu took to social media recently to praise his beautiful wife, Stella. According to him, beautiful women are a prerequisite for having beautiful kids. “The major reason why it is wise for a man to get married to a beautiful woman is because of their children. So choose wisely. I’ve done mine,” Mr Ibu said. Please follow and like us: Read More »

See The New Tricks Nigerian men use to get rid of their spouses

36 year-old Janet Tayese, woke up from the bed she shared with her 47-year-old husband, Oladele, as he snored away. Two hours before her husband woke up, Janet had cleaned their two-bedroomed apartment, cooked, got her husband’s clothes ready for work and prepared their son for school. The night before, everything was normal as they went to bed, Janet said. No misunderstanding, no hint of anger from either side and ... Read More »

Read What Newly Married Man Told his Wife on Their Wedding Day

My wife, everyone has gone home. The music is quiet, the celebration is over. Our wedding was beautiful but it is now in the past. We have finished the wedding/marriage, it is now time to build our marriage. All that is left now is the two of us… What we will become tomorrow, starts from tonight. Our life is no longer the same. There was a day you put on ... Read More »

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