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Opinion: Why Do Nigerian Men Come Back Home To Marry?

This is something I’d like to understand, are there no good Nigerian women abroad? Most Nigerian men always want to come home to marry, sometimes virgins, they tell their parents to get them wives. They say most women abroad are just good for citizenship papers, work permit, where to stay, do they even realize they hurt these women in the process? Using them like that and running back home to ... Read More »

DATING: 5 Reasons You Still Attract Crazy People

The dating pool can be a harsh place. When you first begin dating you may become invested in someone who turns out to be not quite normal. If you find you’re continuously falling for people who are just plain crazy, there may be a reason for that. Here are five of them: 1. You’re really nice Really nice people don’t necessarily attract more than their fair share of crazy people. ... Read More »

“Satisfy your wife else you will go to hell” – Counselor Lutterodt to pastors

Once again, Ghana’s king of controversial marriage advice, Rev George Lutterodt has declared that men of God who do not engage in satisfying sexual relations with their wives ma end up in hell. In an interview on 3FM on Friday morning, the counselor speaking on the topic of rape and assault made some remarks about the importance of sexual satisfaction in marriages. He said, “There are a lot of men ... Read More »

When Silicon Goes Wrong: A Sorry Ending To A Lady’s Butt Enlargement Regimen

I am still amazed at the craze for big butts with today’s ladies. They are leaving what they need to work on the most for what barely matters in relationships. They are concerned about the physical appearance ; the curves, the contours but that till date has never kept a man. Social media has turned most women into shallow and brainwashed zombies who barely even know who they are nor ... Read More »

Superwoman: Making Him Propose Early Without You Saying A Word

Join Evelyn today on superwoman as she talks about how to make a guy propose early without saying a word. Click Play button to listen… Greennews Please follow and like us: Read More »

9 Secrets Wishes of Every Girl

Girls are too secretive sometimes and never want the world to know about the things that they love and feel amazing about. But deep in our hearts we really want some things. Here is a list of all the secret wishes that girls have: 1. This remain staples on the list that we girls dream about a life where we can eat everything and yet not put on weight. Though ... Read More »

Wonders Shall Never End: Nigerian Bride Uses Mannequin to Represent Groom Based Abroad at Traditional Wedding

According to an online report, this happened somewhere in the south-south part of Nigeria. The groom is based abroad so this is the best solution they came up with. Ingenious, yes? Lol Please follow and like us: Read More »

Must Read : Dear Men, Here’s Why You Should Not Eat Okro

Okro, also known as the “ladies finger” is a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is very nutritious as it is highly rich in carbohydrate, vitamins, water, and protein. But studies have shown that it may be dangerous to men as it can cause infertility. Okro has a unique substance called “GOSSYPOL”. Gossypol inhibits sperm production and motility by blocking several enzymes that are highly important in energy metabolism ... Read More »

8 Reasons Why Girls Ignore Nice Guys And Go For Bad Boys

We all have that male friend we tease for always being the nice guy. We call them all sorts of names like ‘Gbef, pant, slacker” and the list goes on. Being a nice guy in this context is when you become a pushover and try to over please a girl in a bid to date her. Even after getting the girl you still play the nice guy role that people ... Read More »

10 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Do With His Tongue During S*x…Don’t Joke With No. 10

There are certain duties the tongue is supposed to carry out during sex and as a man, you just gotta learn about them for your woman’s sake bro. trust me you must! We shall be discussing pretty outta the ordinary here, so i assume that it’s my responsibility to state that clearly before i continue. So, if you’re less than 21 or you’re single, please EXIT this article NOW!!! By ... Read More »

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