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6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’re Still A Single Lady

Not everyone wants to be in a relationship, which is 100% fine. But there are people who complain about being painfully single. Today, we expose some reasons why you are still single… 1. You Limit Yourself With Types And Standards; You set unrealistic expectations. Most females set expectations for “the perfect guy” which are just absurd. I see girls that are 5’2″ insist on dating guys that are 6’0″ . ... Read More »

Relationship Talk: Can A Christian Date?

The desire of the Church to differentiate herself from the world has led to creation of flyover sociologies. In pursuit of differentiation, the Church reassigned certain social terminologies and abrogated some, flying over certain stages of relationship and development. This is in doctrinal salute to scriptures like, “Do not love the world or the things in the world” (1 John. 2:15)… “Do not be conformed to this world, but be ... Read More »

Ladies Only: 7 Things That Would Make Guys Refuse To Date You

Do we Nigerians use the word Dealbreaker often? Nah, but those who watch Hollywood movies (and a few toosh Nigerian movies.. lol) might know what it means. Basically it means the Main thing that would make you refuse to date/marry someone thus the term Deal BREAKER. Except the basic Cliche and Unrealistic deal breakers all Nigerian men say (she must have a big ass, must know how to cook some ... Read More »

5 of the biggest myths about sex viewed through the lens of God’s word

People of this world will say just about anything to convince you that premarital sex is no biggie. However, their words aren’t gospel. So I’ve busted 5 myths you’ve probably encountered along your path of purity thanks to the true Gospel, the word of God. 1. Premarital sex is okay if you’re in love. That’s a classic, along with “It doesn’t matter, because we’re going to get married anyway.” I ... Read More »

8 Things You Do That Men Simply DO NOT Understand…No. 2 is Really Puzzling

We’re not dumb. We just really, really, don’t understand. Can somebody invent Google translate between genders? That would be FANTASTIC. Forget Spanish, French, German and Japanese; I need a translator for women. Ladies: Sometimes, you say and do things that we as men just do NOT understand, and this can make our relationships REALLY freaking complicated. For the most part, we’re practical (notice, the most part). We say what’s on ... Read More »

7 Nice Conversational Starters For Girls Who Want To Text Him First

I’m dedicating this article to one of our readers from Delta state who contacted me and we got gisting, she told me about a guy whom she liked and wasn’t so sure if he liked her the same way she liked him but they text/chat a lot and she wanted to leave the friend zone by all (clean) means. And i presumed there are other girls in her shoes who ... Read More »

Guys, These 11 Factors Can Destroy Male Fertility

These are common 11 activities men unconsciously expose themselves to without any knowledge of the health hazards it entails. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s largest medical research groups, the causes of male infertility come under three broad categories; medical causes, environmental factors and lifestyle. The Mayo Clinic said medical causes of infertility may come from infection or antibodies attacking the sperm. There are many other medical ... Read More »

Lonely? Here are 6 Unexpected Places You Can Find Love

No one said success was easy on dating. Working long hours, managing a company, delegating responsibility, and keeping track of numbers and names is not only stressful, but also time consuming. Often, the more successful we become the less time we have to find “the one.” Men focus on work and excelling before settling down. Women are also following suit, deciding to climb the corporate ladder rather than tying the ... Read More »

I Am Not Sure My Husband of 5 Years is Responsible for My Pregnancy – Woman Reveals Steamy Hotel S*x

A woman who has been married to her husband for 5 good years has expressed doubts about the paternity of her unborn child due to a one-time extra-marital affair. This woman in question had a secret marital affair in protest against her husband’s loose nature after catching him red-handed. She is currently pregnant after having unprotected s*x with a stranger she met in the club thereby raising doubts about who ... Read More »

Ladies,Don’t Miss Mr Right, Chasing Mr Right Now!! -Lynxxx

Lynxxx has dished out advice to those looking for a life time partner …The new Lynxxx is so cool! Read below Its Sooooo easy to pass up on a good thing filled with opportunity, substance, value and true essence while chasing something that glitters and isnt Gold. We exist in a world where the distractions are on a  and its soooo easy to get carried away in the Hype, following ... Read More »

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