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Anita Joseph: Actress Rejects N3m To Play Adult Film Role (DM Leak)

Seductive Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has rained curses, both in English and Igbo languages, on a US based man who offered her a whopping $6,000 dollars a month to feature in an adult film production. The man, called Lonestarboy1, allegedly slid into her DM on Instagram, told the actress that her role in an old film she featured in made them consider her for the porno role, adding that she ... Read More »

Men Only: Tips to Keep your Cucumber Clean, Sweet And Healthy

Penis Read More »

Singles Get in Here: 5 Marriage Blindspots You Need to Be Ready for

The first time I went to Disneyland, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I could never truly know for sure what I’d be experiencing until I was really there, but that was no excuse not to prepare. I looked at photos, checked the map, read about all the attractions, and so on. That turned out to be a good decision because I ended up making the most ... Read More »

“D0ggy Style Causes Cancer & Stroke” – South Africa’s Minister Of Health Warns

South Africa’s Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, has said ‘D0ggy’ style during S3x is the major cause of cancer and stroke. He said after three years of arduous research, he found out that the high pumping of blood during S3x, when one is standing or kneeling overloads the veins in the legs which ultimately causes stroke. He told The Insider, “On cancer – one of the main causes of cancer ... Read More »

3 Best ‘Love Making’ Positions That Help To Conceive Twins

In terms of natural conception, twins occur in about one out of every 89 births. In other words, it’s not everyone who wishes to have a set of twins that can get them! While those who have twins in their families are more likely to conceive twins, experts say many of us may just maintain wishes when it comes to these rare species of humans! However, sex experts are assuring ... Read More »

11 Shitty Things Men Do When They Want To Sleep With You, But Don’t Want To Date You

Disclaimer: Obviously, not ALL men are guilty of these things. And obviously, some women ARE also guilty of these things. 1. They’ll try to convince you that you’re being unreasonable with your emotions. That you’re clingy for wanting attention after sex. That you’re desperate for wanting more than a one-night stand. That you’re crazy for assuming he was your boyfriend when he was obviously just a hookup. 2. They’ll have ... Read More »

11 Working Seduction Skills Men Can Use To Get Women to Bed [MUST READ]

It can’t get easier than this! Just read these 11 moves and you’ll surely know how to seduce a woman and get her in bed even before she realizes it. Are you infatuated by a sexy friend? Or do you find a girl you see occasionally completely, irresistibly sexy? It doesn’t matter whether you know her already or she’s a complete stranger. If you want to seduce a woman, all ... Read More »

7 Surprising Ways You Could Still Get Pregnant even With Precautions

The following is a list of scenarios where an unprotected sex can land you in hot water. 1. When the guy takes the rear entrance Many think that anal sex is oft a way to have condom-less sex without fearing pregnancy. Though it is true for most of the cases but there are still significant chances that the ejaculated sperms land up near the opening of the vagina. 2. Sex ... Read More »

5 Signs Of Labor By Nigerian Mothers

Labor is an experience a lot of pregnant women look forward to as it marks the end of pregnancy. Finally one can off load…At the same time, a lot of women dread it based on the information handed down about labor being painful. Is it painful? Yes it is. Do you want to deliver your baby or not? Yes you do so forget about the pains and focus on seeing ... Read More »

How To Predict Infidelity In A Relationship From Day One

It may seem like there are a hundred complicated reasons why infidelity becomes an issue in so many marriages, but according to preacher and author DeVon Franklin, one big reason is actually quite simple. And it begins, he says, before a wedding even takes place. As DeVon explains during a conversation with Oprah about relationships, sex and celibacy on “SuperSoul Sunday,” men, in particular, have been conditioned to give in to their ... Read More »

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