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Guys: Here Are Three ‘Silent-Killer’ STDs You Need To Watch Out For

Sexually transmitted diseases can ruin your life if it is not taken care of in time. Here are three STDs men are most likely to catch without knowing. There were around 435,000 diagnoses of STIs in England last year, a report from Public Health England revealed. For men, the most common sexually transmitted diseases have been identified as chlamydia, genital warts and herpes. Worryingly, thousands of people in the UK ... Read More »

HILARIOUS: This guy loves to touch women’s boobs. Here is the trick he uses to do it

Men, there is no reason to deny that you love female boobs. They are awesome and the first desire you get is to see and the second is to touch them. This smart guy invented a magic trick on how to do it and go unpunished. See what he does! This is so funny. It all starts quite innocent. The guy offers to show the girl a pyramid magic trick. ... Read More »

7 Nice Conversational Starters For Girls Who Want To Text Him First

I’m dedicating this article to one of our readers from Delta state who contacted me and we got gisting, she told me about a guy whom she liked and wasn’t so sure if he liked her the same way she liked him but they text/chat a lot and she wanted to leave the friend zone by all (clean) means. And i presumed there are other girls in her shoes who ... Read More »

Why Men Like Big Butts – New Study Explains

Big Butts are definitely in-thing, and now science might actually have an answer to why most guys can’t help but drop their jaws when an incredibly shaped rear end comes bouncing on by. Men’s love of women with big backsides is quite a hot topic. Now, a new study has presented yet another explanation for why many men prefer women with large, curvy butts. The study found that evolution has ... Read More »

Guys, These 11 Factors Can Destroy Male Fertility

These are common 11 activities men unconsciously expose themselves to without any knowledge of the health hazards it entails. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s largest medical research groups, the causes of male infertility come under three broad categories; medical causes, environmental factors and lifestyle. The Mayo Clinic said medical causes of infertility may come from infection or antibodies attacking the sperm. There are many other medical ... Read More »

I Am Not Sure My Husband of 5 Years is Responsible for My Pregnancy – Woman Reveals Steamy Hotel S*x

A woman who has been married to her husband for 5 good years has expressed doubts about the paternity of her unborn child due to a one-time extra-marital affair. This woman in question had a secret marital affair in protest against her husband’s loose nature after catching him red-handed. She is currently pregnant after having unprotected s*x with a stranger she met in the club thereby raising doubts about who ... Read More »

Guys Only: Tips on How To Turn An ‘Innocent Cuddle’ Into Something Else

So there’s this girl you’re crushing on and every time you meet it’s always awkward and you know what you want to do but you’re too shy to make a move, don’t worry.. Ope is here to teach you how to put the moves on her. This article is for the shy fella’s who want to get some but don’t have a clue on how to go about it GET ... Read More »

Sex Education: How Mothers Can Discuss It With Their Daughters

Mothers often wonder how to go about teaching their kids about s*x and letting them get comfortable with their sexuality. This is how to go about the tricky issue. Having a conversation with your daughter about s*x can be uncomfortable if you wait too long. The right time to talk to your daughter about s*x is all the time. Children always ask where they came from, it is natural to ... Read More »

List Of African Countries Whose Men Has The Biggest ‘Rod of Moses’

Most lads are curious about how they measure up down under, but now men can see how their schlongs compare to every other country thanks to a new interactive map. The nifty graphic, created by Target Map, shows how long the average erect penis is across the world. The map is also colour-coded from red to green to show which countries boast the biggest and smallest members. It turns out that ... Read More »

I Hate Being Fingered But My Husband Loves Doing It All the Time – Woman Complains Bitterly

A woman has shared a story on social media about her husband which has left people stunned. The woman shared her story on break_or_makeuptelling her audience about her husband’s love for fingering her. According to her, even though she hates it, the man loves doing it and this is causing frictions in their marriage. Below is how she put the story: Please follow and like us: Read More »

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