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Tammy, Tonye And The Open Letter To Trouble

My friend Tammy, met this (young) big fish in the hospital (a big popular hospital on victoria island, where she works as a Nurse, and they’ve been getting along well for about a year and half now. He obviously is drunk in love,as much as she is too,and she knows he will propose soon. But, I know Tammy’s genotype is AS, and she’d stumbled on Tonye’s medical records showing he’s AS as well.

She knows the risk of having an SS (genotype) child is high, but she doesn’t seem to care, and had shown a forged result to Tonye’s when he asked to know her genotype.

As Tammy’s childhood friend, I know her too well as being near perfect with manipulating people and being secretive to get what she wants. Only just yesterday, I sat her down and asked again for the umpteenth time; Tammy, why would you want to go ahead to marry an AS since you know you’re also an AS (genotype). Isn’t dat an open letter to trouble?
And guess what she said,

“I love him and that’s what matters. See, I’m 29,i can’t afford to lose him o, after 2 failed relationships in the past. God will understand. And I must get pregnant for him by all means. ‘Cos that’s the tradition/criteria in Tonye’s family before a woman is married in. She continued, see babe don’t worry wen get to that bridge we’ll cross it with prayer jere.

My #Question:
•Can you marry an AS, when you are also an AS?
•Does prayer really change genotypes?
•is it right to get pregnant before marriage? Isn’t that against God’s law?

Please let’s interract. Feel free to share.

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